Sunday, 20 February 2022


 GAME 20

 On the Twentieth Day of the campaign, #WRITE A PAGE A DAY, Aakku Paakku Vetthala Pakku an ancient game which is highly popular and widely played in the house holds of Tamil Nadu will be presented in detail.

At first basic requirements of the game:

Number of persons: Minimum 3 and Maximum 5

Preferred age group: From 5 - 10 years

Duration of the play: Minimum half an hour

Best time to play: Evenings.

Preferred surface: On the floor (where all the children can sit and place their hands on the floor sitting in a circle)

How to play:  All children should sit in a circle and keep their hands on the floor and their palm should touch the floor. One of the children usually the elder in the group will start to sing:

Aakku Paakku Vetthala Pakku

Daam Doom Daiya

Aska Lakkadi Buska Lakkadi

Sundara Koppara Koyya

 During this one of his hand will be in the ground and the other hand will be used to point and count the hands of other players. For each word in the song one hand is counted. For example for the word Aakku in the song one finger is counted. The song and the count will move in the clockwise direction. He/she should fold a finger if the song ends in his/her hand. The lines are repeated and the same procedure is followed till the number of hands is reduced to single. One should take his hand out of the circle when all his/her fingers are closed with song endings.

 Reference to the game: Reference to this game can be found in the family functions and festivals where all the children gather and have fun time. This is a renowned game introduced to every kid at his/her early age itself. As this a simple game with a song parents encourage it very much as there is no fear of fall or skid. An activity done sitting together.

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