In India September 5th the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan former president and a great teacher is being celebrated as TEACHER’S DAY . I dedicate this blog to all my Teachers who taught me to read & write.

As a mark of respect to all of them, the launch of this blog is scheduled to this day of  the year 2016. The main aim of this blog is to share and improve knowledge with like minded people.
The book that inspired and guided to become a blogger is ‘’Everything You Wanted To Know About Freelance Journalism( but didn’t know whom to ask) By Kavitha Rao And Charukesi Ramadurai.

A popularly known wise saying “acharya devo bhava” is from Taittiriyopanishad of Yajur Veda states that’’ A teacher should be treated as God.’’
Even the POEM‘’ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S LETTER TO HIS SON’S TEACHER” showcases that how a teacher can mould the student in a right way.

This year this day also coincides with GANESH CHATURTHI which makes the day even more special. Lord Ganesh is the son of Shiva and Parvathi. He is the God of wisdom and remover of obstacles; hence he is invoked and worshipped at the commencement of every important undertaking. Vinayaka, Vigneshwara, Pillayar, Ganapathi, Dodda Ganesha and Ganapathi papa are the various names of the Lord in various states of India.

The title of the blog ‘’BOOK FOOD LANGUAGE’’ is an amalgamation of interesting information on books, food and languages. Hindi the National language of our country-(India) finds place along with English language in the blog. The blog holds in itself the Book Reviews, My Pen, House of Poetry, Know Food, Write ups on small topics in Hindi under the different labels.

The label MY PEN- will hold all my own poems. KNOW FOOD – will carry details about various food. HOUSE OF POETRY- is a set of structural descriptive poems by different poets. Ex:  poems on house, palace, Inn, cabinet etc. In the WRITE UPS column a brief account of a topic in English and Hindi will find place.  Research works in English Literature under the label UGC- ENGLISH PAPER -II  which will be highly useful for those aspiring to clear the UGC-NET- ENGLISH Exam. Attended a three day workshop on UGC-NET preparatory session in 2019. A few new labels will be added in the near future. 

Blogging is an experience that provides a definite chance of learning. Blogging becomes engaging with active practice. Regularity is the key element of blogging. Before choosing a subject to blog with, it is highly necessary to carry out a thorough  analysis and examination of the concept. Acquiring in depth knowledge aids in presenting a meaning full blog post.
Book food language .blog spot. in completes its three years to this date. It started off with few blog posts and now it reached a milestone of  256 blog post under 10 different labels. Among these a few  blog post were accepted and published as featured post in websites like women's web, indiblogger and writerly words.
Writer's melon a website provides opportunity  to present Book Reviews by providing free review copy of the book.(hard copy). In the same way Net Galley do supports reviewers  and bloggers by issuing PDF form of the various newly released books. Apart from these sources, reviews were presented to the authors upon their review request through mail. This blog's book review section grows with these supporters.
Poems from this blog were also included in many poetry contests conducted by poetry soup and word weavers.

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