Monday, 27 March 2023


Author : Vani Tripathi Tikoo

Publisher: Niyogi books

Genre: Children &Young Adult

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 In the age of 2 to 3, toddler's interests and skills tend to bloom at an amazing, almost dizzying rate! All the new things they start to do—from walking and talking to figuring out how things work and beginning to make friends. These fuel for the imagination and creativity. This is a special time in a child's life.

Here is one such two-and- half –year- old child named Akku - a lively, imaginative and adventurous little girl around whom the plot of the book "WHY CAN'T ELEPHANTS BE RED?" revolves around. In this book the author presents certain incidences from the life of Akku, from a child's perspective.

The author VANI TRIPATHI TIKOO is an actor and teacher. After having worked in theatre with kids for more than two decades at National School of Drama, Theatre in Education Company and having written plays that turned into performances, she has finally forayed into writing for children.

The book is with 12 interesting chapters where Akku shares her daily activities and experiences she gains from it in a playful way. The book is light and easy to carry. Fonts are clear, legible and colourful at specific places highlighting pronunciations and certain objects. The stories move in a childlike  uniform  speed in every chapter. The book has eye catching pictures (illustrated by Rupak Neogy) that is sure to keep the children hooked throughout the book. 

The prominent message of the book is to keep the imagination alive. I quote "Run with our imagination, because tomorrow whatever the big people believe and think to be right will shape our lives. So isn't it fun to think of a crab who has mustache, a fish who probably has a horn, a unicorn which doesn't have a horn, and an elephant which is red? What fun would that world be! You also keep your fantasizes alive, because those who don't dream, don't have a tomorrow!

The book brings out and lays focus on the positive approach with which children handle things in different situations and new environment. Their desire to learn and do new activity keeps them happy and away from boredom.

This book is a perfect companion for children which encourages them to play as well as to learn and to come up with their imagination.  

Here we can remember the words of Dorothy Law Nolte in her poem “CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE”

If children live with criticism

They learn to condemn


If children live with hostility

They learn to fight


If children live with ridicule

They learn to be shy


If children live with shame

They learn to feel guilty


If children live with tolerance

They learn to be patient


If children live with encouragement

They learn confidence


If children live with praise

They learn to appreciate


If children live with fairness

They learn justice


If children live with security

They learn to have faith


If children live with approval

They learn to like themselves


If children live with acceptance and friendship

They learn to find love in the world.

 Do encourage and praise children to bring out the best in them. Though it is a children’s book, adults can also enjoy reading it and there is a little hidden message for them too- to bring in the child like enthusiasm and see how life turns beautiful.  

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Sunday, 26 March 2023



Sweet potato, as the name suggests it is  a sweet vegetable.  In the villages of Tamil Nadu ,it is simply steamed or cooked and eaten on the go. It is liked by people of all age groups. it is used in Sāmbhar, salads and curry. Here is a  traditional recipe of sweet potato.

Sweet potato is mainly  a part of the grand celebration of the harvest festival PONGAL. Deep fried chips are prepared along with sambhar and other dishes. There are numerous health benefits of having sweet potato in our diet.

Sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. It is an antioxidant that is generally present in bright orange-fleshed vegetables. Beta-carotene is converted to vitamin A in your body and used to form light-detecting receptors inside your eyes. 

 sweet potatoes are a rich source of vitamin A,  C,  E, and antioxidants. Vitamin C and vitamin E are essential for skin and hair health. Vitamin C helps in collagen synthesis that is the main structural protein of the skin. Vitamin A is essential in the treatment and management of sun-damaged skin, and it also stimulates collagen synthesis. These all nutrients are beneficial for skin health to make our skin shiny and youthful.

*  Sweet potatoes contain both soluble and insoluble fibers. Both types of fiber are excellent for our gut health.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of resistant starch, which is a filling, fiber-like substance your body doesn't digest and absorb. This might support weight loss. 

Thus with its loads of vitamins , sweet potato provides a whole lot of  support for a healthy living. Do make it a part of your family 's diet.

Saturday, 25 March 2023


When the first drop of the summer rain

touches the dry soil

there springs a fragrance

stronger than sandal wood

eucalyptus or elaichi.

It's a treat for the senses

that longs for the season's sensation

It's a earthy scent that

reaches far and wide.

The joy of feeling the rain

along with an earthy odour

is like a free trip to a fairy land

It is the smell of earth

that reconnects us with the nature

The smell of mud in the air

lifts the spirits to an extent fair

Its the grandeur of  "Geosmin" that lingers around

blessing us with 'Petrichor"

the perfect partner for a cool summer abound. 

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Friday, 24 March 2023



The Divya kshetram TIRUVATTAARU is located near Kanyakumari on the way to Trivandrum. The presiding deity is Adikesava Perumal in a reclining posture and the Goddess is Maragathavalli. The sacred water is Vattar and the sanctum sanctorum is Astanga Vimanam.

The sthala purana is that the Lord defeated the demon Adikesi. Kesi's wife prayed Ganga and Tamirabharani rivers and created a deluge. Finding it has no effect on the Lord she surrendered to Him. Since the rivers formed a circle (vattam) the kshetram gained the name Tiruvattaru. The presiding deity is viewed through three openings in the sanctum.

Though there is similarity with that of the presiding deity of in Thiruvananthapuram, the Sivalingam is seen here at the feet of the Lord instead of at the head in Thiruvananthapuram. The presence of Brahma at the navel of the deity is absent in this temple.

Thursday, 23 March 2023



 Black board is one of the essential equipment of the class and is the commonest and the most indispensable aid for the teacher. For  a skilled teacher, it is the most valuable device for making instruction concrete and comprehensive. The many sort of black boards are in usage from long part  e.g. hinged boards, fixed wall boards, rolllup boards etc.

For effective use of it ,consider the following points:

*Neat and bold writing

* Uniform and straight writing

* Correct and realistic representation on board

* Do not stand with back towards the students or do not engage on black - board throughout period in order to draw flawless beautiful figures on the board.

* The teacher should be highly observant in order to avoid any sort of indiscipline in the class

* The teacher should not obstruct the view of the students while writing

* The black -board summary should be brief and a continuous whole.


Wednesday, 22 March 2023



  Play is an activity for its own sake or it is purposeless activity, striving towards no goal. In words of Hurlock, "Play relates to any activity engaged in the enjoyment it gives without consideration of the end result. Thus paly can be defined as the activity in which a person engages when he is free to do what he wants to do.

this is play, then what is paly way method of teaching?

Caldwell Cook wrote "It is the core of my faith that the only work worth doing is really play : for by play I mean doing anything with one's heart in it."

Therefore the method which enables children to learn with same enthusiasm that characterizes their spontaneous play is often called play -way.

The important teaching methods based on play-way are as following :

1. Kindergarten method

2. Montessori method

3. Heuristic method

4. Project method

5. Dalton method

6. Other teaching methods like Basic education, Gary system and Winnetka plan

Tuesday, 21 March 2023



 The true poet , whatever his range and quality, is one in whom the power of seeing and feeling the sensuous beauty and spiritual meaning of things exists in  pre eminent degree, and to whom, more -over, another special power has been granted -the power of so expressing and interpreting what he sees and feels as to quicken our own imaginations and sympathies, and to make us see and feel with him.

This is a great service that the poet renders to us is that of "awakening the mind's attention to the lethargy of custom, and directing it to the loveliness and wonders of the world before us ." For this we need to be indebted to them for ever .

On this world poetry day let  us salute those great souls who made us to observe around by they being "makers -see" and "a priest to us all of the wonder and bloom of the world."

We should treat poets' as teachers and moralist, because we know that in his/her hands the truths of life and conduct will acquire a higher potency and value.   

Reading the words of  Samuel Taylor Coleridge, let us pledge to remember both the poet and their poetry.

   "I wish our clever young poets would remember my homely definitions of prose and poetry; that is prose; words in their best order; – poetry; the best words in the best order. "

HAPPY WORLD POETRY DAY to all the lovers of poetry. On this occasion I recited a poem today, Do listen to it.

Monday, 20 March 2023


Happiness is a fundamental human goal considering which the United Nations has designed the International Day of Happiness as a way to recognise the importance of happiness in the lives of people around the world. It is being observed on MARCH 20th since 2012.

This year's theme is  - Be Mindful. Be Grateful. Be Kind

These qualities are definite to usher in the joyous feeling of being happy. Practice these and spread the happiness.

UN General Assembly calls for people to make more continuous progress and the small things that continue to make their lives better. Here are few suggestions made by them.

Share happiness with friends and family .

 Taking the time to note and appreciate  little things, will make you feel happier and more fulfilled in life.

Consider making this a daily habit, such as keeping a gratitude log.

 Spend time with loved ones and try to repair any relationships that are going through a tough patch since good quality relationships are crucial to happiness. 

Try a step-by-step program, where you meet with like-minded individuals on a daily basis to assist each other in taking action and living healthier lives. 

You may also donate to or work with a charity that encourages good deeds of your choosing. 

Social networking is another way to connect with others. 

It's a particularly powerful tool on this day because it helps us to instantly share and spread our activities, as well as the joy they bring, all over the world.

Now read on these quotes, you will know the connection between happiness and the above said three qualities.

"To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness.” 

Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness."

" Being kind to others is a way of being good to yourself."

Being mindful can reduce stress levels, help us manage our emotions and reactions, tune in better to how we and others are feeling and cultivate compassion for ourselves and others. This helps us make wiser choices, can boost our relationships and mean we feel happier and calmer.
Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships.
Being kind boosts serotonin and dopamine, which are neurotransmitters in the brain that give you feelings of satisfaction and well-being, and cause the pleasure/reward centers in your brain to light up. Endorphins, which are your body's natural pain killer, also can be released.
With these details and tips you can unleash the happiness residing in you and spread the same around you. Happy Happiness Day.
Do share in comments the quote, reading which makes you feel happy. 

Sunday, 19 March 2023



 Vacations are the time when almost everyone in the family will be in a leisure mood and that leads to a modified or new timing of every activity. Mostly the first effect happens with food. Either we skip or have it at odd times. 

In this casual times having little meals at regular intervals helps to stay fit and enjoy the  time happily obviously healthy.

saladssandwiches and fruit juices comes in handy.  These are less time taking to prepare as well as to eat. Therefore the time saved can add a bonus on the quality of family time.

If you choose to Prepare family's favourite dishes,  you  end up spending  a lot more time in the kitchen. Instead you can plan to prepare it on usual day rather than on vacations.

 If it coincides with  high summer   include soups and  dishes made of milk, curd and vegetables with high water content. Here is a recipe with cucumber that can be served along with rice. It is easy to prepare and can be stored for a day or two .

These small and light meals fits for all there by enables you all to be together having fun. All the members of the family can enjoy the vacation without the burden and boredom.

This will have a big benefit of having our mother's with us while watching  a movie or a favourite TV show.

Hope you agree with me. What do you say? Do share it in the comments.


Saturday, 18 March 2023



Summer is a season of merriment and   wholesome eating  . This is because it is mostly the time of vacations. In this season the more of fairs and exhibitions are organised. The evenings are pleasant and nights breezy. It is also the season where one can get to eat their many favorite's ranging from mangoes, ice creams, juices, ice apple, watermelon, jackfruit and tender coconuts. 

Whenever I shop for these, I fondly remember the long summer vacation during  childhood days. The fruits are available in plenty and fresh in villages. It was just Eat, Play Sleep nothing more.   Many festivals in the villages takes place in summer on the banks of the river and lakes where the slices of the fruits are distributed to all.

Especially ice apples the square ice-like fruit, known as Nungu in Tamil. Ice apple is basically a fruit of the sugar palm tree, which acts as a coolant and is a typical summer fruit in the coastal regions of India. One should have a immense amount of patience to peel the tender skin off the fruit without slipping the sweet water which will be inside it. Elders recommend to rub the skin of the ice apple on the prickly heat. 

Eating natural ripened fruits, playing different games by going around the village, sleeping for eight hours sufficiently without any disturbance were all the activities of joy and good health.

Science confirms that The sun boosts our mood. This is down to the link between sunlight and our serotonin levels – the hormone that makes us feel happy.  Everyway, summer is the bright season that brings in the adventurous spirit  and urges to  spend time out side blissfully . 

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Friday, 17 March 2023



 Assignments can be defined as - ''the division of prescribed course into a number of well connected portions to be covered in a week so are called assignments.

Assignments are of two types ;

Home assignments : Home assignments are the assignments which are given by  a teacher in order to complete at home within certain time limits. Here the teacher assists  the students by providing a list of references or some related content. After completion the teacher evaluates them and convey the points of errors, discrepancies for further improvements.

School Assignments: It includes the performance of an individual in laboratory and answering a few questions asked by the teacher. Generally a sheet of instructions has been provided to the students so they can carry out their work accordingly.

Besides it the teacher keeps the "Progress Record' in which the students, daily progress has been entered. It helps in diagnosing the students regular performances in the school assignments.


Author : Vani Tripathi Tikoo Publisher: Niyogi books Genre: Children &Young Adult Book buy link @  Amazon   In  the age of 2 to 3, toddl...