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Awareness on sustainable living is on the raise and people are watchful in their actions too. In the Blogchatter's CAC of Q4, - with the "goal of familiarising  with Eco friendly products" was near completion. Read  the full list here.

In  this blogpost products that can be brought in to make eco friendly homes are discussed below.  The top most natural products made of clay, bamboo & grass are sure to make your  a green place. 

People who are in rented homes, and those who already own their house cannot change the structure or rebuild the house using eco friendly materials. Rather the products that they bring in now onwards can be picked up thoughtfully. Bearing in mind the need to have a lesser carbon foot prints products made of natural raw material can be included more in households.

One such thing is POT FRIDGE instead of regular refrigerators. 


The most common type of refrigerant used to be chlorofluorocarbons, more widely known by their acronym CFCs. But after CFCs were found to be depleting the ozone layer, there was a worldwide effort to phased them out.

But the effort to get rid of CFCs resulted in many chemical manufacturers choosing to replace them with two groups of chemicals with a different problem – hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). These refrigerants break down ozone molecules far less, but are extremely potent greenhouse gases. Their capacity to warm the atmosphere – measured as global warming potential – is thousands of times greater than carbon dioxide. This is because HFCs and HCFCs – along with CFCs – also absorb infrared radiation, trapping heat inside the atmosphere rather than allowing it to escape back into space, creating a greenhouse effect that warms the planet.

To reduce the emission of harmful chemicals, A product made out of clay - the Pot fridge assists and assure to keep vegetables and fruits, milk and curd at his best for four days with zero electricity.

When we trying to use it in our homes, the necessary improvisations can be shared with the manufacturer and a comfortable version of the same can be produced in the near future. 

Bamboo furniture over others.

When you decide to have a make over of your home  or planning to buy new furniture, or switching to eco decor. Think of Bamboo chairs @ Handmakers, this site enabled me to buy the customized bamboo furniture. 


  • 1) Environmentally friendly. Compared to solid wood, the bamboo resources are very rich, because it grows very fast, and the growth cycle is very short, fast, and it belongs to a successful planting can be sustainable recycling resources.
  • 2) Safe. 
  • 3) Bamboo Furniture is Light. 
  • 4) Strength
  • Moreover Bamboo furniture is an investment that will retain its beauty and value for many years to come.

 KUS -KUS mats for windows and balconies which works  as  air coolers without electricity .  They are the alternatives for AC  & coolers.

The mats did their work and made us feel cool inside our homes. In Chennai  with the following details we called them and followed by a visit for the accurate measurements , it is delivered on time.-  Its available  through out the year and they deliver to any part of our country.

Vetiver curtains (₹200 per square metre)

Bamboo curtains (₹90 per square metre)

Where: TTK Road,  Alwarpet, Chennai .Near Indian Terrain outlet

When: Everyday, from 10 am to 7 pm. 9841565239, 9003183916


Hang up Khus Khus Mats-vetiver mats or curtains to help cool your home. Sprinkle water on these curtains till they are soaking wet. Leave the windows or doors that it is hung over, open. The draft of hot breeze flowing into the house is cooled by the wet khus curtain.
Khus / Vetiver (in Tamil) Curtains are a native Indian grass which has traditionally been used as a coolant in Indian households. It is mainly used as evaporative mats and screens, the dry air cools as it passes through layers of wet khus.
Khuscurtains are the sustainable solution for cooling the indoor without harming the environment and your body, and without the use of costly energy resources.
As the whole world is searching for green living options and remedy to reduce green gas omission, the products made of natural raw materials is the best available solution.
Choose, buy and encourage eco friendly products and make your home stand as an example.

(This blogpost is a part of Blog Chatter's CauseAChatter)

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