Saturday 24 December 2022


   This blogpost is the last part of the  Blog chatter's Cause A Chatter Q4 goal -"Familiarizing the products for an eco friendly home ' 

In that list  sustainable packaging is a one  that is indirectly involved in creating an eco friendly home. Online shopping has a lot of packing work rather than buying in local shops. To avoid the extra wastage being  added to the landfills the following points needs to be included.

* paper mailers are a good first step towards a more sustainable shipping option than regular plastic mailers.

* Instead of plastic tapes, paper tapes are even compostable and fully biodegradable.

* Shredded paper, raffia, corn starch peanuts are the few options to use as fillings while shipping the product.

* chose FSC certified cardboard boxes for shipping the product

Encourage the ones who fulfill these requirements and support them to continue.

More over experts suggests " When we design with the environment in mind, we design with a regenerative circular economy in mind. We keep the packaging to a minimum and avoid big, unnecessary complex boxes. We prefer printing finishes that are gentle to the environment, like embossing, debossing, and mineral powders. We welcome plant-based coatings, glues, and vegetable inks, and we say no to metals and intoxicating chemicals. Instead, we choose recycled, PCW paper, alternative fibres, and locally produced, regenerative materials. And finally, we avoid unnecessary collateral pieces in your shipping boxes, like extra stickers, cards, or samples. In this way, you’ll have smaller and lighter parcels to ship."


One way of recycling the plastic is  Through Re Charkha through which Deshpande strives to create a positive impact on her surroundings, environment, society, culture, and heritage. Instead of using the usual fabric, Deshpande collects plastic waste from garbage pickers employed in Pune and Dadra Nagar Haveli such as polythene bags and wrappers, which makes for her raw material. These are cleaned, washed, sanitised, and dried to be sent to a unit in Dadra Nagar Haveli where around 15 employees spin the plastic to make a yarn which is then woven into plastic fibre using handlooms. mats, bags and baskets.
Shop from her and spread a word of mouth.These type of  environmental  conscious sellers should be part of our lifestyle. 
Gifting papers are one of them no special occasion is complete without exchanging gifts that are elegantly wrapped in colourful plastic wraps that come in a variety of patterns and prints. The paper is ignored and put in the bin as soon as the recipient opens and loves the gift, and but the paper remains in a landfill without degrading. To stop this , Shukla took up to create wraps with banana peels to make both the gift and the wrapper eco friendly . Here about it in her own words:
"I began my experiment using several types of peels and seeds. I ultimately settled on the banana peels because it has tremendous binding capabilities and banana fibres bond with the other materials pretty well," says Shukla, who developed unique bio leather, which is mouldable, can be hand-stitched, machine-stitched, waterproof to a degree, flexible, and compostable. "It can also be employed in the future in other accessory and leisure businesses," she says. Shukla says it took a lot of tries and tests to come up with the ultimate solution, which she claims was not easy.
focus on sustainable packaging along with sustainable gifts. Handover plastics to those recycling units and ensure every step of yours is a forward to sustainable living and making your home an eco friendly place to live in.

(This blog post is  a part of Blog chatter's Cause A Chatter)

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