Wednesday, 21 March 2018


                                          image of the book little maryam by hamid baig के लिए इमेज परिणाम

“”The wound is the place where the light enters you.””-Rumi,   is the quote that welcomes the reader’s into the world of LITTLE MARYAM.   Rumi-  a 13thcentury Persian poet with immense talent and power to put the complexities of human life in few words. “”Brevity is the soul of wit.””
His works are translated into many world languages. Rumi’s quote is an apt opening for the book.

LITTLE MARYAM BY HAMID BAIG has two parts, SAADIQ HAIDER is the title of the  first part with ten chapters. MARYAM is the name given to the second part of the book with seven chapters. LITTLE MARYAM is Hamid Baig’s debut novel. The author has lead the novel in a steady phase with clean &clear plot, appropriate descriptions, diligent characters all in a compelling style.

The term Literature generally refers to any written or spoken material in any language. It encompasses every sphere of human life like culture, tradition, history, psychology etc. Poetry, short story, drama, novel etc are the various genres in the world literature. 

Literature is the most effective mode of expression to represent this world. To depict the human life in all its richness, it uses a distinctive form to expresses various emotions and feelings. These varied emotional expressions are called RASA (FLAVOUR), Sentiments in English literature. The Nine emotions included are termed  as NAVARASA. They are (SHINGARA) love, (HASYA) humour,(KARUNA) grief, (RAUDRA) rage,(VEERA) valour, (BHAYANAKA) fear,(BIBHATSYA) disgust,(ADBUTHA) wonder and (SHANTHA) tranquillity. Love is of two folds- love in union and love in separation.

Author has taken stupendous effort in depicting SHINGARA &KARUNA RASA in the LITTLE MARYAM.
“”Open the book to page99 and read, and the quality of the whole will be revealed to you””, said English novelist and poet Ford Madox Ford. This book bears testimony to this. The page 99 also serves the reader’s the taste and flavour of SHINGARARASA at its best.

The author uses the word KALPAVRIKSHA –a wish yielding tree, in three different places in the book in three dimensions which provides enough evidence for his wide reading and interest in other languages.

I quote from page 36,
“”Maryam is…well, she and her father are members of a higher class of people, Saadiq.  A class that you and I do not belong to”.
“”Baba, we don’t care about things like that. Maryam and I are the same, in our hearts. Society can dictate some things, but it can’t decide whether or not she and I can be friends. I won’t let allow it.”” 
Author showcases the bias in the society in the simple way &at the same time the heroic qualities of saadiq. Love transcends all barriers.

BIBHATSYA & KARUNA RASA together can be a tough time in one’s life. In the pages of 58 &59, the author has meticulously handled the situation. LITTLE MARYAM is a sensitive tale of life’s ups &downs. It brings out the intense emotions of painstaking and grief-stricken individual.  

‘”People are like stained –glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”” Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018


Life is full of ups &downs,
Girls are in frocks &gowns.
Inside, outside, rush, rush, rush,
Everybody in gush, gush, gush.
Shorter, taller, greater, smarter,
All in a fuss, fuss, fuss.
Brighter, lighter, purple future
Awaiting to hold it closer.
Building lots of crazy dreams
Marching towards a wonderful beam.
 Consider the crop up &hop, hop, hop
Remember not to sob, sob, sob.
Actions need to be strong &long
Intentions need to be clean & clear.
Then, catch the beam with golden touch
Riding on a horse back.

Monday, 12 March 2018


                               image of kitchen with stove & cylinder के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Kitchen is a place in the home, where food is prepared for our loved ones. One needs to careful and cautious enough when handling gas stoves &gas cylinders. Safety needs to be ensured as more time is spent in the kitchen while preparing variety of dishes. Newly emerging apartments in the cities carry gas lines or pipes up to the kitchen and so the problems with the cylinders and regulators are mostly solved, were as homes with cylinders and stoves require to take few cautions:

Never place two gas cylinders together. Keep away one from the other.

Never place any weight over the cylinder, though it is empty.

Never lit diyas or oil lamps, close to  gas stove or cylinders. Not even the incense sticks.

Check rubber tube regularly for cracks, if any. Change rubber tube at least once in two years.  

Regulator needs to lock in completely in the cylinder, otherwise chances of gas leakage is high.  Change the regulator immediately.

When taking the delivery of the gas cylinder, check for the safety valve, if it is not o.k., return it.

Always have your distributor or dealers phone number and also know the emergency help line numbers which functions 24/7.

Clean your stove &burners regularly to have free flow of gas without any obstruction, which helps to have cooking faster.

                         image of kitchen with stove & cylinder के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Wipe the stove &burners with cloth &don’t pour water over it.

If anything slips or spills over the stove, clean it immediately so as to avoid stains and marks which gets harder to clean after wards.

Always use the on &off knobs properly. When not in use, switch off the regulator.

Clean knobs regularly so as to avoid stickiness due to oil &other things.


Ensure that burner knobs are in closed position

Open windows, if any,

 Do not light a match.

Extinguish all fires and flames.

Switch off the pressure regulator

Do not operate any electrical switches, remove regulator, fix the cap on the valve.

Move the cylinder to a safe and ventilated place. Do not bring any flame or fire near the cylinder.

Call your distributor or 24 hours emergency service cell.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


                                            image of tomatoes के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Tomato is a well- known fruit or vegetable widely grown in almost all the regions of the world and consumed by majority of the world population. Tomato a berry variety, red in colour, bit tangy, with less sweetness, available in different shapes and sizes.

 Tomato is used in combination with other fruits &vegetables, included in cuisine around the world. Eaten raw or cooked, blanched or smashed, salads, soups, juices, chutneys, ketchups, sauces, cocktails &pickles are some of the dishes that are prepared with tomatoes. Canning of tomato is also done. Un ripened green tomatoes are also available in the market.

 Tomatoes can be easily grown in the backyards of the houses and even in the pots too. Tomatoes can be simply be stored in a room temperature and they don’t require refrigeration.

                                    image of tomatoes के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Plum, grape and cherry are the major varieties of tomatoes.
Moderate amount of vitamin C is present in tomatoes. Including tomatoes in the daily diet provides protection against cardio vascular disease and cancer.

                         image of tomatoes के लिए इमेज परिणाम

In south India, a dish named RASAM is prepared with tomatoes & is a popular dish and included in the daily menu.  With Green un ripened tomato, dal & chutney are also prepared, without adding tamarind as the tomato itself is sour.

Let’s get to know the preparation of TOMATO COCKTAIL:

# Select fully ripened tomatoes and extract juice.

# Simmer the tomato juice with spices loosely tied in a cloth bag for about 20 minutes in a covered vessel. (spices-clove, cumin, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander seeds, red chillies)

# Then add lime juice, vinegar and common salt.

# When all the ingredients have been mixed and the cocktail is ready for bottling

# Heat it to 82˚ to 88˚ c and fill it into bottles, which have been sterilised and kept hot for filling.

# Close the bottles and keep them immersed in boiling water for 30 minutes.

# Then allow them to cool and store in a cool and dry place.

Monday, 5 March 2018



Beverages, coffee &tea
 Spread borax over and pour boiling water thoroughly. Or steep in glycerine until stain is removed. If it still persists bleach with javelle water.

Soak in cold water, then wash in diluted NH3

Steep in cold water and salt, until stain is removed

Wash with soapy solution

Wash with soap &water. Dry in sunlight &air. Bleach with javella water

Wash with cold water and then in warm water

Apply salt and pour warm water through.
Fruit &wine
Cover the stain with
Starch paste and leave it for an hour. Rub of the starch and pour boiling water through

Spread borax or salt over the stain and pour boiling water through till stain is removed

Steep in methylated spirit and wash with soap and then water

Grease, oil and Ghee
Wash with hot water &soap

Treat with grease solvent and wash with hot water &soap.

Candle grease
Scrape off as much as possible with a blunt knife. Place the stain in between a blotting paper and press it with a hot iron. Sponge with benzene


Treat with solvent soap and dry in sunlight &air.


Dip in warm milk for half an hour, then wash with soap

Rub the stain with cut tomato. Wash &rub salt, wash. repeat the process till the stain is removed. Or

Soak the stain immediately in sour milk or curd for half an hour, don’t allow the curd or milk to dry. Wash with soap &water.  Or

Apply salt and lime water &leave it for half an hour and then wash it properly.

Steep in diluted oxalic acid. Rinse thoroughly with diluted borax solution


Steep in oxalic acid solution and then rinse with borax solution.


Steep in methylated spirit and wash with solvent soap. Moisten and soften working glycerine into stain. Leave for a short while. Rinse &then wash with soap


Sponge with benzoic  or carbon tetra chloride, wash

Shoe polish

Scrap off the stain if dry, apply a little grease, wash with hot water &soap

Steep in turpentine, wash with solvent soap.

Ball point Ink

Swab with methylated spirit using a pad of blotting paper below.