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Awareness on sustainable living is on the raise and people are watchful in their actions too. In the Blogchatter's CAC of Q4, - with the "goal of familiarising  with Eco friendly products" was near completion. Read  the full list here.

In  this blogpost products that can be brought in to make eco friendly homes are discussed below.  The top most natural products made of clay, bamboo & grass are sure to make your  a green place. 

People who are in rented homes, and those who already own their house cannot change the structure or rebuild the house using eco friendly materials. Rather the products that they bring in now onwards can be picked up thoughtfully. Bearing in mind the need to have a lesser carbon foot prints products made of natural raw material can be included more in households.

One such thing is POT FRIDGE instead of regular refrigerators. 


The most common type of refrigerant used to be chlorofluorocarbons, more widely known by their acronym CFCs. But after CFCs were found to be depleting the ozone layer, there was a worldwide effort to phased them out.

But the effort to get rid of CFCs resulted in many chemical manufacturers choosing to replace them with two groups of chemicals with a different problem – hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs). These refrigerants break down ozone molecules far less, but are extremely potent greenhouse gases. Their capacity to warm the atmosphere – measured as global warming potential – is thousands of times greater than carbon dioxide. This is because HFCs and HCFCs – along with CFCs – also absorb infrared radiation, trapping heat inside the atmosphere rather than allowing it to escape back into space, creating a greenhouse effect that warms the planet.

To reduce the emission of harmful chemicals, A product made out of clay - the Pot fridge assists and assure to keep vegetables and fruits, milk and curd at his best for four days with zero electricity.

When we trying to use it in our homes, the necessary improvisations can be shared with the manufacturer and a comfortable version of the same can be produced in the near future. 

Bamboo furniture over others.

When you decide to have a make over of your home  or planning to buy new furniture, or switching to eco decor. Think of Bamboo chairs @ Handmakers, this site enabled me to buy the customized bamboo furniture. 


  • 1) Environmentally friendly. Compared to solid wood, the bamboo resources are very rich, because it grows very fast, and the growth cycle is very short, fast, and it belongs to a successful planting can be sustainable recycling resources.
  • 2) Safe. 
  • 3) Bamboo Furniture is Light. 
  • 4) Strength
  • Moreover Bamboo furniture is an investment that will retain its beauty and value for many years to come.

 KUS -KUS mats for windows and balconies which works  as  air coolers without electricity .  They are the alternatives for AC  & coolers.

The mats did their work and made us feel cool inside our homes. In Chennai  with the following details we called them and followed by a visit for the accurate measurements , it is delivered on time.-  Its available  through out the year and they deliver to any part of our country.

Vetiver curtains (₹200 per square metre)

Bamboo curtains (₹90 per square metre)

Where: TTK Road,  Alwarpet, Chennai .Near Indian Terrain outlet

When: Everyday, from 10 am to 7 pm. 9841565239, 9003183916


Hang up Khus Khus Mats-vetiver mats or curtains to help cool your home. Sprinkle water on these curtains till they are soaking wet. Leave the windows or doors that it is hung over, open. The draft of hot breeze flowing into the house is cooled by the wet khus curtain.
Khus / Vetiver (in Tamil) Curtains are a native Indian grass which has traditionally been used as a coolant in Indian households. It is mainly used as evaporative mats and screens, the dry air cools as it passes through layers of wet khus.
Khuscurtains are the sustainable solution for cooling the indoor without harming the environment and your body, and without the use of costly energy resources.
As the whole world is searching for green living options and remedy to reduce green gas omission, the products made of natural raw materials is the best available solution.
Choose, buy and encourage eco friendly products and make your home stand as an example.

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संज्ञा या सर्वनाम को वाक्य से जोडने वाला है - कारक।

जैसे - राम को फल दो।

 घडी दीवार पर है।

हिन्दी में आठ कारक होते हैं।

      कारक                       विभक्ति चिन्ह

कर्ता कारक                            ने

कर्म कारक                             को

करण कारक                           से

संप्रदान कारक                         को, के लिए

अपादान कारक                        से

संबंध कारक                           को, के, की

अधिकरण कारक                      में, पे, पर

संबोधन कारक                         हे ! अरे !

कर्ता कारक  (ने)

क्रिया को करने वाला कर्ता। भूतकाल में ऐसा प्रयोग होता है जैसा - राम ने पाठ पढा।

कर्म कारक (को)

जहाँ क्रिया का फल पडता है वह कर्म कारक है।

जैसा - राम ने रावण को मारा।

करण कारक  (से)

जिस से कर्ता कार्य करता है वह करण कारक है।

जैसे - राजू कलम से लिखता है।

संप्रदान कारक  (को, के लिए)

कुछ देने या करने का पता चलता है वह संप्रदान कारक है।

जैसे - यह पुस्तक राम को दो। 

पीने के लिए पानी दो।

अपादान कारक  (से)

जहाँ पृथकता का पता चलता है वह अपादान कारक है।

जैसे - बच्चे स्कूल से आते है।

संबंध कारक  (का, के, की)

एक से दूसरे वस्तु का संबंध पता चलता है वह संबंध कारक ।

जैसे - राम की बेटी।

अधिकरण कारक  (में, पे, पर)

जहाँ क्रिया का आधार है वह अधिकरण कारक है।

जैसे - दीवार पर घडी है।

संबोधन कारक  (हे ! अरे !)

किसी को संबोधित करने, संबोधन कारक का प्रयोग होता है।

जैसे - हे राम ! 

अरे बच्चों ! 

री बुढिया !

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"Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us." - Oscar Wilde

"Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled." - Jean Paul Richter

"Everyman's memory is his private literature." - Aldous Huxley

Like these, Memories are remembered fondly and they always have a special place in our hearts. The year 2022 was wonderful after having boosters of covid shield vaccine. It some what relieved us of the fear of getting effected with Covid 19 though we all wear masks till today as and when we step out of our  homes.  With this situation , obviously travel plans were executed up to some extent, Attended marriages and arranged few get togethers at home during festive season.

Shopping was also done with regular excitement and been to restaurants for lunches and dinners as usual to treat the taste buds with exotic cuisines. All in All it was a good year in respect of my personal front.  As a blogger and in response to Blog chatter's blog hop prompt, here are the 11 selected memories of 2022 considering my professional side.

1. Being part of the Story telling session  organised by Pratham books was an fascinating opportunity to interact with children about the stories we read and listen to.

2.  Took an active part and sent greetings to my favourite Author RUSKIN BOND  on his birthday through the Newsletter curated by the Fans of Ruskin Bond -FORB

3. Submitted an article for the Open page in THE HINDU and it got published.

4. Joined the stream of online community - (SCROLL) and started to post once in a week. An interview of mine was published too in their site.

5. Reached to the bloggers duo with - BLOGABERRYDAZZLE and was enjoying reading the posts of other Dazzlers.

6.  Published an e-book with due credits to the team of the finest blogging  community - BLOGCHATTER .

7.  Did a poetry reading in a FB LIVE  program - SPOKEN WORD WITH BLOGCHATTER  organised by the BLOGCHATTER

8.  One of my write up was selected for GUEST POST in BlogChatter 

9. Won 6 badges in varied programs conducted by BlogChatter  

10. After thoroughly participating in many  BLOGHOP's, I was able to finally win  last week.

11. Reading, writing and in the company of blog lovers , up to now I was able to earn 12, 130/- reward points in the year 2022 exclusively from BLOGCHATTER.

More such things happened and it all supported, encouraged, inspired to work little extra than the usual timings. Experience with Twitter, unsplash, e- books, hashtags, headliner, profile pic, blog logo were able to guide me step by step in the process of learning.

"The more often you share what you've learned, the stronger the information will become in your memory." - Steve Brunkhorst

Let's share to improve our memory and add a touch to others memories.

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BOOK BUY LINK  @ : Amazon

Self - sufficient and self -sustainable will be the way of life for all those who possess a magical handy kit in the form of a book - LIVE SMART -100 HACKS FOR A HEALTHIER AND HAPPIER LIFE  by Teja Lele. After reading the book the readers will be happy to announce that the title is wisely justified and it is true that they are going to LIVE SMART after this momentous journey.

When every one becomes self sufficient and self sustainable automatically the over all self confidence will get a big boost, there by performance level will improve and less stress, there by leading to happy living and obviously healthy life. Lovely to imagine know. Its quite possible with this book .

Author Teja Lele  an editor for twenty years, she was been DIYing ever since she discovered the joy of making over and upcycling. The book of 245 pages is full of  solutions to day to day chores  to avoid chaos which every  household experiences at various situations.

With this statement, not to fix that its meant for house wives or for married ones, or for senior citizens  who are unable to rush out for assistance or for the ones who need to manage the house. But the book is for all who run errands and especially to ones who love to learn to fix things on their own.

 For the ones who long to hear or to wear The tag - " He/She manages everything in  a jiffy" - this book is a boon. One can enjoy absolute luxury of being on their own with this book. The book categorizes the DIY's in support of the activities carried out in five sections namely - Home, food and kitchen, Beauty,  Health and well being, Reuse and recycle.  

The Author suggests decluttering and organizing repeatedly , choosing quality over quantity, bringing in reusables, resisting frequent  upgrades and most importantly, not to follow trends mindlessly.  The author is successful  in highlighting  and encouraging the readers to adopt to the theme of  minimalist decor aesthetic. 

Every section opens with a quote, includes SMART TIPS& BONUS HACK   at needed junctures with 100 DIY's which are at the best of their functional utility.  The book inspires us to realise our potential self to carry out our responsibilities to restore the lost green environment.

Moreover stain removal guide,  expert cleaning tips,  the complete cleaning checklist,  the difference between best before and use by, kitchen conversions, money saving tips, simple desk exercises, '' grounding'', the 7Rs, are the necessary guide to have a smooth flow of the tasks handled by the individuals duly.

 The book is definite to inculcate an urge  in readers to rethink their step and action at every level. Here we can recollect the idiom ; LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP. 

Just remember the way our grandparents  has led their life- Simple yet satisfying and stunning. How they charted a plan of action with what they had and created a pattern of life in accordance with nature. The hacks stated by the author in this book may sound similar to the one followed by your grandparents. All these are not new, these are time tested ones and stand as a testimony to their  values in connection with environment, health, money and food. This is the right time to connect to our own ancestors by following their foot steps for the betterment of the planet and our own self.

In this book the author has left few recommendations with regard to  books and blogs adapting to sustainable lifestyle.

Do grab a copy of this book and see how it turns you to become self -reliant.

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In one of his happy phrases the poet tells us that " Poetry should please by a fine excess"; and no one could strike the note of "fine excess" more triumphantly. Yet in his most perfect work, in the Odes, La Bella, Dam sans Merci, and that fragment  The Eve of St. Mark, he shows that the pleasure of poetry depends no less on the fine restraint.

With these words, you might have guessed the poet's name about whom we are going to talk about.

Yes, it is none other than the Majestic John Keats. Let's read few lines about the influences of poet's on Keats.  

Among the formative influences in Keats' work , Spenser stands first but Chaucer and Milton influenced only in a secondary degree his poetic style and vocabulary; lesser poets, like Chapman, William brown, and his friend Leigh Hunt, affected him especially in his early work , in his choice of words and phrases, and in his search for colour.

But the finest part of Keats' work owes nothing to a derivative source. In the fragmentary ode to Maia, with its purity of phrase and chastened beauty , there are no echoes, no obligations;

" O, give me their old vigour, and unheard 

         Save of the quiet Primrose, and the span

                Of heaven and few ears  

  Rounded by thee, my song should die away

                Content as theirs,

   Rich in the simple worship of a day."

Perhaps his most notable divergence as a poet, from his contemporary Shelley, is that he elects, as a rule, to deal with sensations rather than ideas, with concrete life than with abstract imagining- Sight and hearing respond to ideas; touch, to sensations.

The meta physical power that charges with intellectual fire the vision of Shelley, is outside of his scope. Not that he eschews ideas, the Odes eloquently refute such  a suggestion ; but when he elects to deal with ideas, he chooses such human things as love, sorrow, life and beauty, and presents them in concrete shape.

" The moving waters at their priest-task

   Of pure ablution round earth's human shores."

" She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss

  For ever wilt though love, and she be fair."

Thus do his ideas, like his memory, become incarnate with the shaping splendor of the consummate Artist; and thus does he help us to realize, as no other poet as done since Shakespeare, the oneness of Truth and Beauty.

Monday, 28 November 2022


WE may not have enough space to write in respect of each day ? Well, let's explain why.

After having failed in all  exercises in time management techniques, legendary millionaire Charles Swab was introduced to consultant Ivy Lee who wrote on the back of an envelope his suggestion 

"PLAN TO DO JUST FOUR THINGS PER DAY" When irate Swab asked him, "What is this?" Lee said, "Try it out for 6 months and then let me know if it doesn't work." It worked.

Swab was mighty pleased and paid Lee $25,000 (huge money in the early 1900s) complimenting him for one of the finest pieces of advice.

Write the four tasks before the previous night. Yes WRITE it in a planner. This is works better even if you are tech -savvy. Write them in the order of priority. You must finish the first one before starting the next. That's an absolute must. Forget this silly thing called multi- tasking.

Stay focussed by visualising the benefit that will flow in when you crack the job; Oh, it's joy when you strike an item off the list upon completion.

Before getting involved in your task Bear these in mind what the great personalities have said:

 1. If you have an urge to build something that could change the world, don't focus on the money, but the legacy you 'll leave behind. - Alexander Tamas

2.  You can't have a better tomorrow if you are thinking about yesterday all the time. - Charles F. Kettering

3. Let us do something while we have the chance. It is not every day that we are needed. - Samuel Beckett.


Sunday, 27 November 2022


 Plantain tree is a popular and a well grown crop in south India. Mostly every house hold has a tree because of its unique features and utility level. This can be found in Kerala which is highly welcomed for its medicinal qualities of banana flower. 

Plantain tree 's parts are not wasted and each is allocated for a particular task.   Leaves, stem, fiber, flower,  both raw and ripened banana were used in cooking in different ways.. It found its place in the back yards of the house and in the hearts of the people. Read here in detail about the benefits of having a plantain tree. Now let's see about banana flower/blossoms :

Even though they come from the same tree and literally grow off a cluster of bananas, you won't find any fruity banana flavor here—it's a flower, after all. Similar to jackfruit or tofu, the flavor of banana blossoms is neutral, meaning they can take on the taste of however you season them. Many feel that theflavour is quite mild and more similar to artichokes.
Its enormous nutritional and health benefits creates a  potential to be regarded as a functional food or superfood due to its high nutrient content (excellent source of fibre, good source of protein, vitamin A,C and E, minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, magnesium and antioxidants) and great therapeutic value .
Studies show that having banana flower on  a regular basis helps 
1. Prevents infections
2. Brings sugar level down
3. Treat anemia
4. Improve heart health
It is the demand of present time to increase the awareness about banana blossom and encourage to include it in the diet as it will not only reduce the banana waste but will also help people all over the world, reap its health benefits.
Start with this simple recipe and  get accustomed to its taste. Later feel free to include it in soups and  have fun trying out cutlets, curry and stews.
Do share it in the comments about any special recipe you have of banana flower. 

Saturday, 26 November 2022


Music is such a source of power that is sure to make us feel happy, relax and to take things in lighter vein. Last week Bestorified  supported the above said thought in an article titled  - "Easy dopamine building activities" in which ENGAGING IN MUSIC was the first activity suggested by them. Read the full article here.

Music is of classical, traditional and modern, all these are functionally equal though their presentations are different and unique in their style.  Learners or students of music find quality of understanding and enjoyment better than the rest of the people.

 Film songs are a part of Music which is easily approachable because of its lyrics and tunes to which all are more exposed. Impact of songs on the listener's are wide known and even science has also proving its enormous benefits. 

Being in South India, our love for Bollywood can be traced back to my father - who is  a great fan of Mohammed Rafi. From our child hood days we are more into listening Bolly wood  songs on gramophone and tape recorders than the regional ones. One of  our uncles landed in Delhi because of his Job and he brought from there many cassettes and record players for my father. Stories of BINACA GEET MALA and VIVD BHARATHI  are still fondly shared by my father with many of our family members and relatives.

Next to Bolly wood is Tolly wood, the songs of NTR &ANR are on the lips and no lyric will be misspelled or missed out by my father in his 80's now. The constant exposure to music and to filmy songs made the next generation also to become the fans of Indian music.

With this, Obviously songs on radio, DVD players, TV,  or mobiles goes on everyday at home. Picking up  just three songs from this ocean of music is a bit difficult task.  Here I list the three best songs from filmy music that uplifts my mood immediately.

1.  zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya - Film -HUM DO NO  - HINDI

Here is the song

2.  Pelli Chesikoni - Film - PELLI CHESI CHOODU- TELUGU

 Listen to the song

3.  Vazha Ninaithal Vazhalam - Film - BALAE PANDIYA - TAMIL

Here is the song

"Music - a marvel to mankind" ,to know more about it, make a quick read and spread the joy of music. Let's cherish  & preserve this treasure.

Do share it in the comments the songs from Indian languages which I can try to upliftment my mood.

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 The divyakshetram -TIRUTTETRIAMBALAM is located closer to Tirunangur and 8 Kms by road from Sirkazhi in Tamil Nadu.. This is one of the 11 Tirumangai Azhwar Divya desams.

The presiding deity is Senkanmaal also known as Pallikondan in a reclining posture and the Goddess is Senkamalavalli enshrined in a separate shrine. The sacred water is Surya Pushkarini and the sanctum sanctorum is veda vimanam.

The Tirumangai Azhwar Mangalaasaasana utsavam is the important festival.

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"Familiarizing the products for an eco friendly homes" is the goal  of Q4 for Blog Chatter's Cause A Chatter program.  In this connection, My earlier posts brought before my readers the list of  organic productsbio gas for cooking and best storage containers. Almost the prominent features concerning the essential aspect of FOOD is over.

Coming to the immediate requirement after food is CLOTHING without which the humans cannot survive healthily. This blogpost will introduce you to the clothes that are sustainable and in other words eco friendly. With your  intelligent choice of clothes also you can invariably reduce the carbon foot prints and make your home an eco friendly place to live in.


Sustainable clothing refers to fabrics derived from eco-friendly resources, such as sustainably grown fiber crops or recycled materials. Sustainable clothing includes the use of second-hand retail repair and often utilizes upcycling and recycling of clothing. It also refers to how these fabrics are made.

Secondhand clothing, swapping, sharing, clothes, thrifting, and renting fashion are great examples of sustainable fashion. Available in thrift stores and second-hand shops, thrifting is a tremendous way to avoid the negative impact of fashion manufacturing. More about thrifting here
The fashion industry has a disastrous impact on the environment. In fact, it is the second largest polluter in the world, just after the oil industry. And, the environmental damage is increasing as the industry grows.
The solution lies in Ethical Fashion in which the clothing is made from eco-friendly materials, such as organic, pesticide-free, non-GMO cotton. — Clothing is safe for people and the environment, avoiding any materials that contain carcinogens, toxins, or other harmful chemicals.
Buying organically coloured clothing can be a terrific, ethical alternative if you're searching for methods to lessen your carbon footprint. Cotton is a natural fibre found in many wardrobe staples such as jeans and t-shirts. Compared to other common clothing fibres such as synthetic polyester, semi-synthetic rayon, and bamboo, cotton has the advantage of being a completely natural product, which means it's biodegradable.  Organic cotton uses 88% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton. Not only the material should be of natural fibre , but also the colour should from natural dyes.
Natural dyes are dyes or colorants derived from plants, invertebrates, or minerals. The majority of natural dyes are vegetable dyes from plant sources—roots, berries, bark, leaves, and wood—and other biological sources such as fungi.
Natural dyes provide several important environmental advantages, including:

1.  They are biodegradable, which means that once you've finished using them, they will naturally disintegrate without releasing any harmful poisons into the land or environment.

2.    They are free of any harmful pollutants. Natural dyes are generated entirely from natural sources like plants and insects, making them non-toxic to anyone who comes into contact with them without releasing hazardous by-products into the environment like conventional colours.

3.     They are hypoallergenic, which means that when skin is exposed to them, they are less likely to produce allergic responses. This is perfect for those who have sensitive skin, such as eczema, as well as new-borns and toddlers.

 In this scenario, a fashion magazine states that “ If eco-friendly fashion ever wants a torchbearer, khadi will be a natural choice. This hand-spun fabric is usually associated with a coarse texture. However, “khadi (or khaddar) can actually refer to any natural fabric (cotton or silk) that has been handspun and handwoven,” -Vogue.

That’s the greatness of KHADI.


 Khadi (pronounced [kʰaːdiː], Khādī), derived from khaddar, is a hand-spun and woven natural fibre cloth promoted by Mahatma Gandhi as swadeshi (self-sufficiency) for the freedom struggle of the Indian subcontinent, and the term is used throughout India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Indian Khadi clothes can be worn in any weather. It's warm in the winters and cool in the summers. Khadi material is a body-friendly fabric that does not cause any allergies or irritations, unlike other synthetic fabrics. Khadi dyes and weaves are done by hand.

The spinning of khadi uses no machines or energy and thus has a low carbon footprint. A metre of khadi fabric consumes three litres of water, while one metre of mill-produced fabric requires 55 litres of the precious resource. Plus, khadi clusters also generate direly needed income to rural Indian communities.

Khadi when combined with embroidery like chikan, kantha, kashida, ajrakh, block prints, etc. can give rise to festive wear; which is very different from the casual look of Khadi. Hence, Khadi may be incorporated in a variety of occasions in our life from professional to festive, be it our clothing or home décor.

Fashion industry happens to be one of the most waste and pollution generating industries. With the recent effects on the climate, Khadi happens to be the solution to this problem since it is organic and has zero carbon footprint. Besides, with the global temperature rising, Khadi provides a cooling solution both for the producer and the consumer.

This way it is guaranteed  that khadi products are made exclusively from natural raw materials. These include herbal oils, herbal extracts and floral water as well as essential oils and flavors from certified organic farming or wild collection.


The Egyptians were known for their ability to grow, process and weave linen however it was in India and Peru where they created the first cotton. Mesopotamia produced wool fabrics and China was the first to country to produce silk.

With this a sustainable clothing is being introduced to us by weavers, let see the weaving process. 

Weaving is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. Other methods are knitting, crocheting, felting, and braiding or plaiting

There are approximately 5mn looms in the country. India has 1.8mn shuttle looms which is 45 per cent of world capacity, and 3.90mn handlooms which is 85 per cent of world capacity. Traditional hand-weaving instills pride, provides independence and has the simple ability to bring a community together 

Regions, villages, and communities throughout India have unique weaving traditions with distinct customs and patterns. Depending on the location, textiles may be woven from cotton, wool, or silk. Today, weaving remains important to India's economy with roughly 4.3 million people involved. Woven Fabrics are more durable and less likely to lose their color.


Its bit tough to decide. In order to cater to the needs of different tastes and sizes, Many brands are coming up with sustainable clothing to assists their customers to make the shift easily.

Here is a list of online platform that provide sustainable Indian clothing. You can shop from here

For the convenience of the fashion minded people and to make eco- friendly clothing  accessible & affordable to all - Amal Kiran Jana is a designer from India and the founder of Afterlife Project which is a sustainability development project supporting global and unique designers in 360 degrees.

New research reveals that Norway is one of the world's top 10 most sustainable fashion-conscious countries. To be a contributor to save the planet try these:

1.      Go natural

2.     Go organic

3.     Shop locally

4.     Support sustainable brands

5.     Donate, don’t throw out

6.     Use earth friendly detergents

7.     Swap with friends and neighbors'

8.     Sell wanted clothing

9.     Save water when washing

10.  Dip dry

11.  Think twice about dry cleaning

12.  Upcycle clothing

13.  Re purpose and re use worn or un wanted clothing

14.  Shop second hand first

above all embrace slow fashion, Slow fashion allows communities to develop their circular manufacturing system by cultivating their sustainable fabric, utilising natural colours from local plants, and hand weaving the garments.

With this awareness and simple steps we all can easily bring in the eco friendly fashion into lives and save the planet and share the joy of moving towards eco friendly home. 

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  Awareness on sustainable living is on the raise and people are watchful in their actions too. In the Blogchatter's CAC of Q4, - with t...