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Make children ALL WELL in every way

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In India, every year on the 14th November the birthday of Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru is being celebrated as CHILDREN’S DAY.
As parents, this children’s day, pledge to make your children all well.  Nourish them with moral values & ethics. Make civic sense as a part of their character. Build patience & sustenance. Impart them the essence of education & help them realize it. Because as swami Vivekananda said,
“”Education is the manifestation of perfection which is already in man.”” If we are successful in doing so, the results are going to last forever & bring harmony & peace abundantly.  As value systems are genetic, the next generation will be prosperous & healthy in every way.
*To start with, preach what you teach, from reading to other activities at home, speak about what you can do & share the experiences with them. To imbibe the value of reading, don’t ever insist reading to just score marks or reading only school books or academic related books. Encourage reading with help of books in which they are interested it should be as simple as they play. Never force them into any activity. Storybooks with morals are the best deal. Ask them to carry the book where ever they go, when they feel to read, they can, either it can be in the park or pool side. Reading books not only helps to gain knowledge &wisdom but also stands as a guiding force at all the phases of life.

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* Make sure to allot them play time, though they have a lot of home works or extra classes to attend.   Never allow them to skip playing.   At least if the schedule is so hectic ask them to play small indoor games.  Join them if your time permits.  It keeps them engaged, if they are bored, it will relax if they are tired, it will definitely freshen up from the hard day. If games are introduced from the younger age, it builds stamina, and good physical strength, provides good blood circulation there by good boost to energy levels.  Playing games is more casual than a routine exercise.

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*Groom children with clean and neat behaviours.  With insiders or outsider either at home or at school, ask them to behave properly. Though childish few behavioural straits need to be attended carefully at the earlier stage itself which will be helpful for them in their future endeavours.  Never point out their mistakes or ill behaviour before others, but never forget to deal the matter at the earliest. Introduce them to the concept of give and take respect.
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* This is the most required phenomenon that needs more attention with children.  Make them to feel free to express their ideas, likes, dislikes & fear. Encourage sharing their daily experiences or discuss with them about the day.  Practice on writing journals. Allow them to mingle with others &make friends.  So, they will be aware of different opinions / options to deal any task.

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Shakespeare’s All’s well that ends well –Advice
Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none:  Parents need to impart this advice to children in a natural way in a more matured environment.

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Monday, 5 November 2018


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Ksheerena vardhate Aayuh Ghruthena vardhate buddhih  l
The above line states that drinking milk increases the longevity of the life and intake of Ghee (Ghrutham) enhances memory.
 According to mythology, there are about seven different types of oceans, one among them is milky ocean, when it was churned the divine cow (Kamadenu) emerged from it. She is the source for the race of the cows &bulls. That’s why cow is worshipped &offered puja’s. Because of its origin milk is considered as a sacred food. It is used as a offering to God & Abhishekam is performed with milk.  Curd, buttermilk, butter, ghee, khoa, & paneer are the by- products of milk. Ksheeram, Doodh, Paal, Paalu, are the various regional names of milk. It is indispensable from the lives of humans. It is super food that can be consumed even raw, hot or cold and is used in numerous ways to satiate one’s hunger. It is highly nutritious and is suitable for all age groups.  Milk gets into the list of super foods because of its nutrients with antioxidant properties. Many sweet preparations are prepared using milk as a main ingredient and it is almost favourite for all. Normally in a toned milk of 100gms
Carb-4.6 gms sucrose
Fat 3.0
Total energy-60 kcal

*Milk is a great source of calcium which is essential to maintain optimum bone health.  It has also potassium, iron, vitamin B &vitamin B12.
*Skimmed milk or low fat milk helps reduce weight.
* Milk is rich in whey protein that aids in building muscles.
* Heart burns can be treated with the intake of cold milk.
 Other than cow, buffalo, goat, sheep &camel produce milk. Buffalo’s milk is considered good for making curd. Goat’s milk &camel’s milk is also consumed in various parts of the world. Now a days many opt for almond or soy milk.
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BASUNDHI a popular dish though, time taking it’s easy to prepare. Take required amount of milk, place it on the stove, keep it stirring till it get condensed and reduce to half. Add sugar, cardamom,& pista. Serve hot or refrigerate after sometime to serve chill.
With milk comes synonymous AMUL. The establishment of dairy farms helps farmers to deposit their milk, which thereafter gets toned & supplied to many households far off from the villages. This helps to get toned milk in the cities. With the growth in the dairy industry, the large amount of waste of milk is curbed and also the use of milk powder is reduced. Amul’s advertisement to encourage drinking of milk is unforgettable…..
Doodh doodh doodh doodh
Doodh hai wonderful
Pee sakthe hai roz glass
Gharmee mein dalo doodh  mein Ice
Doodh ban gaya very nice
Piyo daily once or twice
Mil jayega tasty surprise

Monday, 29 October 2018


                                    image of the book the southern living party cookbook by elizabeth heiskell के लिए इमेज परिणाम
 ELIZABETH HEISKELL is well known for the earlier book titled OF WHAT CAN I BRING? She is a chef, seasoned caterer, culinary instructor and a regular food contributor to the TODAY show. This book is a predecessor of 1972’s SOUTHERN LIVING PARTY COOK BOOK. “”The reward of a thing well done is to have done it.””-Anonymous. Elizabeth’s style of presenting this book is prodigious. Whoever holds a hard copy of this book, can surely be hosting a perfect party at all levels &that will remain forever in the memories of the guests. To start with, the book opens up with beautifully arranged contents, the various sections &division of the book eases the readers to easily follow the directions of the author. Very organised way of dealing with different gatherings, its purpose &needs, its time &situations, for whom &why the party is being hosted, all helps the readers to connect themselves with the scenario &the author also provides suggestions for substitutes & improvisations.
Many of the recipes conclude along with a NOTE,
that furnishes the major tip to avoid getting trapped in the risk zone. There are about 12 party rules in the book dealing with practical issues and following which will add a remarkable touch to the party. The author has also given an auto biographical touch to the book by including her experiences of preparing the dish, her mother’s accuracy &grandmother’s perfections in teaching the techniques of the recipes and handing down the same to her.  ”All good things that exists are the fruits of originality.””- Anonymous. This the author demonstrates in every aspect of this book with focus points on minute detailing while choosing ingredients, investing  in equipments, time to prepare &how to serve. Meat thermometer, wooden salad bowl, non- stick 8 inch pan, mason jars, melamine, metal and wood are the great choices for serving tailgate, will have many advantages, when used in preparing a particular dish.
The longest time taking recipe in this book is JACK’S FRIED CAT FISH with 21 hours. The name of the recipe & how it is derived is stated with a brief info &the author never forgets to acknowledge the creator of the recipe. Under “”thanks giving dinner”” MINNIE’S SWEET POTATO PONE is a fine example for this. Sidney’s potato salad in page 222 explains about Sidney &the use of the word ‘violently’ in a recipe.
This book becomes more special just because it carries along with it the emotions of the host, when organising a party &even encourages them to enjoy the party to the fullest by giving necessary aid in the form of pre-preparations, last moment adjustments, which will surely help the host to relax. The author shares her insight on her host when she attended a party in page 119.
COME BY FOR A DRINK Y’all is the easiest party to host comments the author. Champagne primer, its production methods, importance of capital “”c’” and many technicalities find place in the book. I quote from page 78 of the book “”There isn’t a better way to start a party than to greet guests at the door with a silver tray filled with ice cold champagne. The party mood is instantly set. The stress from a tough day or even a fuss with your spouse on the way over instantly dissolves.”” a more sincere attempts to make the guest feel special.
BLACK-EYED PEA CAKES throws light on the authors like towards peas. She invariably utilises many vegetables in the recipes so as to have nutritious food, there by breaking monotony.  Oyster roast in page 259, is a wholesome delight to the lovers of oyster without even missing a single element. In the words of the author the very purpose of hosting sun down parties “”the whole point is to stop and notice the good that is all around us.”” is quite touching. In page 117 of this book the author ensures that not a single neighbour is left out in the party, if so, then, I quote “”Snow balls are so fun and festive during the holiday season. These make adorable teacher’s gifts or sweet treats for the mail man or your favourite neighbour. Package them in clean plastic boxes and tie them with a festive ribbon.””
Parties go on well, on &on, then comes the after party etiquette, in page 217 the author warns “”keep…………………………… cleaning begin.”” Don’t miss those lines &make sure to read it before you host a party. ””succulent centerpiece”” in page287 with model photographs is a thorough way of making the readers to learn the art. The author is keen in providing individual attention to the guest and thereby to their preferences &taste, In page 346 of the book, how to arrange coffee bar table or cart, how the guest can mix &match and choose what they like, are clearly stated. This book is a complete package for all the gatherings sourced from generations and can be cherished in the years to come.

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Monday, 22 October 2018


                                        image of packed food products के लिए इमेज परिणाम
Food is an essential requirement in the lives of human beings. When buying food products certain factors need to be kept in mind so as to be healthy. Especially in monsoon, the attention towards either dry or wet food products should be optimum. Because of more moist and damp weather conditions, lesser sunlight, often rain, all these lead to the deterioration of the quality of the food products. In order to avoid the problem these seven steps will help to be attentive while buying food products.
                            image of green dot for vegetarians के लिए इमेज परिणाम
·       Vegetarians should choose the product with green dot. It indicates that the ingredients in the product are fit to be consumed by them.
·       Check for the date of packing and as well for the best period to use it. Don’t take up, out of date or mismatch date &time products.
·       Have an eye on the storage instructions too. Whether to refrigerate or not, read it properly and make sure to store it according to the instructions. Always go for food grade plastics & freeze safe containers. Avoid direct exposure to sunlight. Few items get diluted or lose their vigour. Keep them in a cool place.
·       Try not to touch the product with wet hands or spoons. Make it a habit to use hand towels before taking out the item. Storage, places a big role in maintaining the longevity of the product.  Place the containers away from windows, sinks &water purifiers.
·       While buying if the seal of the pack is either tarred or broken or the lid is not in a standard position, leave it.  If brought by mistake, ask for an exchange or never consume.
·       Select the products with food safety &standard Authority of India mark (fssai).There are many duplicate & misleading products. Check for the company trade mark symbols &spellings too.
·       Have knowledge about food colours &added preservatives. Choose the ones that match with the regulations of the food authority of India.
                                image of packed food products के लिए इमेज परिणाम

Friday, 12 October 2018

नई तरह से नवरात्री

image of indian festivity के लिए इमेज परिणाम
     परसों से शुरु हुआ नवरात्री का उत्सव यानि त्योहार का माहौल जम गया।  नवरात्री में कास तोर से देवी माँ की पूजा की जाती है।  इन दिनों में दुर्गा, लक्ष्मी, सरस्वती, पार्वती, अम्बिका, अम्बे, जगदम्बे जैसे कई नामों और रूप से देवी माँ को सजाकर श्लोक, पूजा-पाठ, अखण्डजोत जलाकर, उपवास रख के सन्मंगल की प्रार्थना की जाती है।  बालिकाओं को देवी माँ का रूप मानकर उनकी पूजा की जाती है।  उन्हे प्रसाद और तोहफें दे कर प्रसन्न की जाती है।। 
     दाण्डिया, सत्संग, गुडियों को सजाना जैसी अनेकों अनेक कार्यक्रम घरों में और मन्दिरों में आयोजित किया जाता है।  मन्दिरों में तो इन नौ दिनों में धूम दाम से कई विशेष पूजा, आरती, भजन, उपन्यास, संगीत और नृत्य कार्यक्रमों से भरा होगा।।

     कई लोग इन सभी में भाग लेते हैं, और कई इन सभ में रुची नही रखतें या उन की यहां रिवाज नही होती।  तो चलिये क्यों न हम कुछ ऐसा करें कि इन नौ दिनों को नई  तरीके से इस्तमाल करें और खुश रहें।

1. घर में किसी तरह का वाद्य (Musical Instruments) होतो, जिसे आप बहुत दिनों से न भजाया हो, उसे उठाकर, साफ कर के, जितना आप भजा सकते हो, उतना भजाओ और कहीं मरम्मत की जरूरत होतो करवा लो और अपनी कला को बढाओ ।।

  2. घर में बहुत सी गाने की C.Dयां पडी होगी, उनको चलाओ और सुनो, क्यों कि आज कल,  Cell-phones  और Lap-tops में सुनते सुनते, DVD Players को जैसे भूल ही गये।  उन पे तो धूल ही जम गया होगा।  न केवल CD यां बल्कि कई किताबों की भी यही हाल होगा।  क्यों कि e-books का ये कमाल है।  उन किताबों को पडो।।
  3. घर की साफ-सफाई के चक्कर में कई चींजे हमारे आंख लगेंगी जिन्हें हम ने कभी न उपयोग किया हो।  उन्हें जरूरतमन्द तक पहुंचाओ।  घर के छोटे छोटे काम अकसर भूल जाते हैं जैसे कि घडी या Remote की batteries बदलनी हो, उन सबको पूरा करो।।

4.  गाडियों की Free service होतो उन्को इस्तमाल करो।  Water purifiers की AMC किया होतो, उन्को बुलवा कर काम करवालो।  Stablizers और Inverters का भी जांच करो।।

5. त्योहारों के दिनों में तरह तरह के Exchange offers होंगे।  उन्हे ठीक तरह से समझकर अपने सुविधा के अनुसार घरेलु सामान खरीद ले । जैसे की Gas stoves, Mixers, Coffee-makers, Micro-wave Ovens ।।

6. चींजों की Service या मरम्मत तो कर ली, अब अपनी में कुछ बुरी आदतें होतो उन से छुटकारा पा ले और अच्छी आदते बना ने की शुरूवात करें।।

7. अब आदत के बाद सेहत की बारी।  Master-Check up या कोई भी Health Check up छूट चुकी होतो उस काम को निपट लें और देर मत करो। जैसे की आंखों की जांच, चशमा बदलना हो, दांतों की सफाई, Root Canal Caps बदलनी होतो इन सभ को छोटी बात समझकर ध्यान से मत हटाओ, तुरंत करो।  इस के साथ साथ बीमा करण (Insurance) हो, या कोई Renewal करनी होतो कर लो।।

8.  त्योहारों के समय टि.वि (Television) पे अकबारों (Newspapers) में  Radios पे कईं अनगिनत प्रतियोगितायें चलती हैं।  एक बार उन्में भाग लेने की कोशिश कर के तो देखो, शायद जीत सकते हो।  न ही तो शामिल होने की कुशी तो मिलेगी।  अच्छा खासा पुरस्कार जीतने का अवसर प्राप्त होगा।।

9.  इन नौ दिनों में अपनी परम्परा या आपकी घर की रिवाज के मुताबिक कपडे पहनो, सजो, पक्वान बनाने की कोशिश करो ताकि बच्चों को इन सब को एक झलक देखने का मौका मिलेगा।।