Thursday, 22 December 2022



Year end is fast approaching and almost many are busy in welcoming the New Year 2023. The procedure of  assessing the year that is going to complete is a format that many employ to gauge that  year's performance from their perspective.

Many faired well, few average and mostly successful or vise versa will be the result of the assessment. Here are the 22 things you need to complete within the 31st of December for your best performance in the up coming year and these will surely fetch you a decent score in this year .

The 22 things listed below needs to be done for the benefit of your present and future. Reading the 22 points on 22nd December in the year 2022 will motivate you to carry out the task in a fine manner.

It is for everyone of us to know and fulfill  our responsibilities in every way.

1. Have your dose of vaccines  - covid, flu, HPV with Doctor's advice

2. Link voter id to Aadhaar

3. Check if there is any due with property tax and water tax  

4. Change the gas tube in your stove if it is being used for more than 5 years ( Suraksha hose )

5. If any of your light bulbs/ tube lights is not a LED - power saving. its high time to change them.

6. Apply for  new cheque books, if needed and as well as for debit and credit cards getting expired.

7. If cars and two wheelers are due for the free or paid service, do it.

8. Pay premium to Insurance policies or renew it if needed.

9. Consider investing in mutual funds with help of a financial expert  for  better returns. 

10. Take list of maturing tax saver FD's (which you might have invested 5 years back) and NSC in post office (which you might have invested 5 or 7 years back) in the year 2023. 

11. Free yourself to go for postponed health check ups, reviews & Doctor consultations

12. Book tickets for the destinations if you have any travel plans in the next year. (Air tickets for overseas trip will come in fair price if you book well in advance)

13. Allocate budgets for any celebrations, weddings, or with plans for buying a property in the coming year.

14. Pay the Annual maintenance charges for your apartment

15. Call for service of water purifier, & chimney if you are under AMC

16. Finalize the institute you plan to send your child for professional course coaching. (NEET) or if you plan to change your child's school.  Admission process starts early.

17. Check medicines for their expiry dates and discard.

18. Send annual donations if you have initiated any.

19. Redeem any coupons and  gift vouchers before they lapse in 2022

20. Consult agencies for any renovation, painting work you plan to do in the early months of the new year.

21. If you have shifted  your house or transferred to another place do Apply for change of address in necessary documents.

22. Renew the subscription of magazines and newspapers.

Do this 22 pointers and have a good start for the NEW YEAR 2023.

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