Sunday, 6 November 2022


 Writers have their name on  awork, so they naturally get a lot of credit. But behind the scenes, a good editor adds a lot to the process.

A good editor teases the best out of self -described writers and non writers alike. The best writing - like the best parts of life, perhaps - is collaborative. It needs a great editor.

There are three major types of editors : 

1. Copy editors/ proof readers , who  check facts and wield a push broom to clean up messy style issues, punctuation, typos, misspelling, and so on.

2. Substantive editors, who give a piece of writing a higher level read and offer suggestions on how parts of it might be improved or which parts need to be expanded or condensed. Their review includes broad feed back on things like the overall development of a piece.

3. Line editors, who comb through  apiece to correct grammar. word choice, and paragraph and sentence flow - while doing a good deal of rewriting as well, all without overwhelming a writer's voice.

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