Monday 7 November 2022



  Every month we see / happen to witness the spectacle of full moon.

There are about 12 full moons in a year that you all know very well. Among these the two full moons receive a lot of attractions and specially celebrated .

One is Chitra Pournami and the other one is Aippasi Pournami.

Usually Amavasya and Pournami are  the indicators of the Solar and Lunar days.  Because of this, these two receive a special attention.  On a regular basis, Pournami is marked as special day in the calendar.  this obviously leads to  worship.


On every Poornima a temple for Chitra Guptha the assistant of Yama the Lord of Time in Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu is thronged by the people for his Darshan on this day to offer prayers to him for longevity.

Giri valam - making round around the temple through the hill. This is famous in the TIRUVANNAMALAI TEMPLE in Tamil Nadu. It is world renowned temple for Lord Shiva who is termed as ANNAMALAIYAR -the presiding deity of the temple.


Chitthrai, the first Tamil month which occurs between April 14 to May 14th. The full moon that occurs in that period of time is celebrated in  a grand style across many Temples and house holds.  Special pujas performed in the temples and many varieties of Prasadm were offered on that day.

On the other hand house hold too celebrate the beauty of the full moon by having a MOON LIGHT DINNER. It is  a famous occasion in Tamil Nadu where many invite friends and relative for the dinner. 

All assemble in the terrace and enjoy the MOON LIGHT DINNER. Many variety rice and sweets were prepared and lavishly served and a sumptuous affair enjoyed by people of all age groups.

The Lord and the planet MOON is also worshipped with slokas and Aaarthi and also by lighting ghee lamps. Day long puja is offered to Lord shiva during this day.


Then comes AIPPASI POURNAMI .  Aippasi is  a Tamil month that starts from OCTOBER 15 and ends on NOVEMBER 15. The Pournami that comes in this month is special for the God.

Anna kuta Utsavam and Anna Abhishekam is related with the Poornima (full moon)

In SAIVITE temples  for Lord Siva, Annabhishkekam is performed and in the VAISHNAVAITE temples Anna Kuta Utsavam  is to the Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.

In both the temples this day is observed with grand style of puja offered with food prepared in large quantities and distributed to the devotees later.

This is done as a prayer to Lord to supply humans with sufficient food to eat and fulfill their hunger and never to bring in short fall of the same.

Today is AIPPASI POURNAMI - all the temples are finely decorated with lights and flowers and festoons.

On this full moon day, pray to the Lord and be blessed in every way.

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