Friday 4 June 2021


                                                            Twinkle Twinkle little star

                                                            how I wonder what you are

                                                            Up above the world so high

                                                              Like a diamond in the sky


 These were the lines that introduced  most of us to the world of poetry in the form of a rhyme. From the kinder garden itself we are into the path of learning or by hearting verses. At that time we simply recite or shout along the class and automatically we get used to those verses, without much attention or understanding. Many such rhymes, poems get memorised and we move to higher class. Our likes and interest change according to the age. 

 According to Edgar Allan Poe, Poetry is the rhythmic creation of beauty.  To create such beauties, poets take the support of :

1. Music :- a) Rhyme - Internal Rhymes  b) Vowel and consonant sounds  c) onomatopoeia                    d) Alliteration e) Repetition f) refrain

2. Vision

3. Imagery :- a) By description b) By certain figure of speech c) By picturesque Epithets

4.  Emotion

As we age and learn to appreciate poetry, our favourite list of poems may change. We start to consider its substance, Language, Imagery, sound effect &striking lines etc. 

William words worth's My Heart Leaps up"  is my favourite poem during my school days as it is small & easy to memorize.

 Robert Browning's The pied Piper of Hamelin 's  music & Imagery are amazing, &its my favourite too. But I'm unable to memorize it till today.

Finally, the below mentioned poem became my best Favourite, when I happen to read it few years back- "From Dies Slowly" by Pablo Neruda. He won the 1971 Noble prize for Literature and is best known for his love poems and "Canto General"- an epic poem about South America's history and its people.


Slowly dies who doesn't turn the table upside down,

Who's un happy at work,

Who doesn't risk the certainties for the unknown to pursue a


Who doesn't allow himself to run away from wise suggestions,

At least once in a lifetime.

Slowly dies who doesn't travel, who doesn't read,

who never listens to music, who doesn't find grace in himself,

Slowly dies who destroys his self-esteem,

who spends everyday to complain about either his bad luck or

the never-ending rain.

Let's avoid death in small doses, keeping in mind that being

alive always requests a much bigger effort than the simple

fact of breathing.

The poem is simple, sincere, sensitive & inspiring.  

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