Wednesday 10 February 2021


1.    George Eliot regarded Ruskin as “one of the greatest teachers of the age.” (The Victorian Age)

2.    The son of a joiner, he was apprenticed as a printer. He remained a printer throughout his life. He was asked to prepare a series of modern letters for those who could not write for themselves. This humble task taught him the art of expressing himself in letters – He is the novelist Samuel Richardson.

3.    It has been described as a “novel without predecessors”, the product of an original mind and became immediately popular. It is a peculiar blend of pathos and humour, though the pathos is sometimes overdone to the point of becoming offensively Sentimental. The novel was published in 1760. The name of the novel is Tristram Shandy

4.    George Eliot’s attempt to write a historical novel of the Italian Renaissance was not successful. The novel was Romola

5.    An important poet and playwright who in the 1960s led the Black Arts Movement, in the spirit of negritude, posited a “Black Aesthetic” that expressed a pan-African, organic and whole sensibility. He is Amiri Baraka.

6.    “Competence to age is supplementary to youth, a sorry supplement indeed, but I fear the best that is to be had. We must ride where we formerly walked: live better and be softer and shall be wise to do so- than we had means to do in the good old days you speak of.”  Lamb speaks these words to Bridget.

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