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Music is such a source of power that is sure to make us feel happy, relax and to take things in lighter vein. Last week Bestorified  supported the above said thought in an article titled  - "Easy dopamine building activities" in which ENGAGING IN MUSIC was the first activity suggested by them. Read the full article here.

Music is of classical, traditional and modern, all these are functionally equal though their presentations are different and unique in their style.  Learners or students of music find quality of understanding and enjoyment better than the rest of the people.

 Film songs are a part of Music which is easily approachable because of its lyrics and tunes to which all are more exposed. Impact of songs on the listener's are wide known and even science has also proving its enormous benefits. 

Being in South India, our love for Bollywood can be traced back to my father - who is  a great fan of Mohammed Rafi. From our child hood days we are more into listening Bolly wood  songs on gramophone and tape recorders than the regional ones. One of  our uncles landed in Delhi because of his Job and he brought from there many cassettes and record players for my father. Stories of BINACA GEET MALA and VIVD BHARATHI  are still fondly shared by my father with many of our family members and relatives.

Next to Bolly wood is Tolly wood, the songs of NTR &ANR are on the lips and no lyric will be misspelled or missed out by my father in his 80's now. The constant exposure to music and to filmy songs made the next generation also to become the fans of Indian music.

With this, Obviously songs on radio, DVD players, TV,  or mobiles goes on everyday at home. Picking up  just three songs from this ocean of music is a bit difficult task.  Here I list the three best songs from filmy music that uplifts my mood immediately.

1.  zindagi ka saath nibhata chala gaya - Film -HUM DO NO  - HINDI

Here is the song

2.  Pelli Chesikoni - Film - PELLI CHESI CHOODU- TELUGU

 Listen to the song

3.  Vazha Ninaithal Vazhalam - Film - BALAE PANDIYA - TAMIL

Here is the song

"Music - a marvel to mankind" ,to know more about it, make a quick read and spread the joy of music. Let's cherish  & preserve this treasure.

Do share it in the comments the songs from Indian languages which I can try to upliftment my mood.

(This blogpost is  a part of Blog Chatter's Blog Hop prompt : 3 songs/ people/ things that immediately uplift you)

Results declared on 30-11-22. 


  1. I like the songs you mentioned and I agree that songs are soothing to our senses and instantly uplifts our mood.

  2. I love 'jo wada kiya hai, nibhana padega..'... it just makes me feeeel good....



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