Thursday 3 November 2022


MY  GOAL  of the Q4 of the CAC - Familiarizing the products for an eco friendly homes.

 First   blogpost was about  the use of organic products - groceries, fruits and vegetables.

The second one was to do cooking by using  biogas.

Now this blogpost connects with storage containers, wire bags and palm basketry. These products will surely guide to replace plastic containers, bags and covers respectively.

Brought organic products but storing in  a plastic container?

A big No! then what

Paper, bioplastic, glass, bagasse, stainless steel are the major alternatives to plastic.

Glass has always been the safest and the most viable option for the packaging and use of food and liquid. Glass can be recycled multiple times, so it doesn't have to end up in landfills. It is cost-effective, considering its durability and recyclability. with these huge advantages the fancy and fine glass jar comes to the rescue  but the chance of mis handling, breakage is high, many don't like to use it much. Those who love it can happily substitute these for plastic containers.

 Glass jars or bottles come in varied sizes and shapes and easily available in retails and online stores.

In almost in the same category enters the cute little and big ceramic jars in multi colours painted containers. In those days for pickle / achar these are exclusively used.

Here in Tamil Nadu, tamarind, crystal salt, cooking oil, ghee, butter are mostly stored in these which is known as PEENGAAN JAADI in Tamil.  

PEENGAAN bowls in those days were used to store batter for two or three days without getting sour.

Brass, wooden and stainless steel container were fondly used in villages of Tamil Nadu even today. They assure that Stainless steel is non-toxic, durable, and 100 per cent recyclable. More than half of new stainless steel produced has been another stainless steel product in the past.

  The Chennai based online store The Indus Valley offers kitchen utensils made of Iron, cast Iron, stainless steel, copper, clay, brass, bronze and wood.

The containers made out of any of these materials are suitable to make your home  an eco friendly one. Practically  not all the things can be thrown out immediately and be replaced with these. But here after stop buying plastics instead welcome any of these.

While replacing old plastic containers, your first go-to should be whatever you already have at home. “There’s no manufactured solution that’s as good as reusing something on hand – even if that something is plastic" says an expert.

“Start by storing food in reusable containers that you have at home – make sure they are clean and do not have any cracks.”

Contrary to popular custom, not everything needs to be stored in an airtight container to extend its longevity, confirms an Food engineer.

“Knowing what you can store in ambient temperatures – like leafy greens in a glass of water on the bench top, onions in a canvas bag and pumpkins in the bottom of the pantry – saves energy by minimising unnecessary refrigeration,” declares a chef.

Bear in mind these pointers and start to turn your existing home into an eco friendly one. Next to this is one more product that needs to have a place in eco friendly homes are KOODAI- wire knot basket. The thing that is necessary to shop organic products. These days clutches, cross body purses, laptop bags, lunch bags and beach bags are also produced for the convenience of the users. It can be carried easily anywhere and lastly nearly for 20 years.

You can order a KOODAI from these : Thilaga Koodais and Koodai Kalanjiyam who were trying to revive the old art and searching to establish their livelihood with these.

In addition to these palm leaf basketry and various products for house hold use with numerous gifting options are available at M. Rm.Rm

Embrace these products and flaunt your eco friendly home.

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