Sunday, 23 October 2022



 These are the words in the list of highly used words in a year- photographer and photo journalist. There is a difference between the two. Let's get to know what makes these different.

Think of it as the difference between nouns and verbs. A photographer captures nouns - people, places, portraits and landscapes. As opposed to this , a photo journalist takes pictures of action - what is happening, what happened earlier, and in some cases, leading the viewer to imagine what would happen later.

Unlike photographers, photo journalists don't have the luxury of lugging around a lot of equipment, especially several lights and lenses. There is also no scope to have the subject pose perfectly, adjust the lighting, try various angles and work several frames in your mind before pressing the shutter.

The photo journalist almost always has to make do with what is available on hand. And shoot in inconvenient conditions, bad weather, unruly crowd and dangerous situations.

Finally, the key difference lies in the word journalism itself. An expert in the field explains it this way : "Photojournalism is not just about the photographs, it is finally about the story. So, unless you have an arresting story or  a point of view, it will just end up being a series of good looking photo graphs."

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