Saturday 29 October 2022


 Story weaver is a digital platform meant for children with 50,000 books available in  more than 300 languages for free.  It was created  by Pratham books in 2015.

Story weaver is  a repository of high quality, openly licensed multi lingual story books sourced from global publishers, including but not limited to Pratham books.

Every book published on the platform is available in multiple formats that can be read online and offline - downloaded , printed and even repurposed.

What can be the best way to spread the art of story telling and  to encourage the habit of reading ? With this initiative from the Pratham books - a prominent publishing house of children books, children will are surely attracted towards the reading culture.

Gadgets gain good speculation and parents too are happy that their children are entertained productively with books. 

Story weavers offers a wide range of choice with most popular categories being Family and friends, Fiction, Read -aloud stories, Animal stories and Growing up.

More to these story weavers of Pratham books bring in  new category featuring titles on "Gender and bodies." This will create a free space to have normal conversations about such topics which will surely help the children have a healthy perception.

Books broaden the children's understanding of the world by introducing them to a diversity of people, places , cultures and ideas.

Story weaver  is successful in the task of providing  dynamic and engaging stories to children to make them contribute their best for the world they live in. 

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