Monday, 22 August 2022


      Eyes are the second most complex organ after the brain
     About half of the human brain is dedicated to vision and seeing.
     The human eye can function at 100% at any given moment, without needing to rest.
     Eyes are the fastest muscle in the body and have 2 million working parts.
   The muscles in the eye are 100 times stronger than they need to perform their function.

With these points you might have guessed correctly that this blogpost is going to carry some thing about eye. Your guess was  absolutely right. I had been to an eye hospital for my regular annual eye check up, there I found  a pamphlet stating 

"Eyes are over exposed, take a break from digital devices warns ophthalmologist". A survey states that 

87% individuals aged 20-29 years reported use of two or more digital devices.

Two -Thirds of adults aged 30-49 years spend 5 or more hours on digital devices

BY 3 years of age 68% of children regularly use a computer and 54% undertake online activities

How to give rest to the eyes when the digital devices have become inevitable in our lives?

*Take regular breaks

* Adjust computer screen according to your eye level

*Have proper lighting

* Have larger fonts

 * Use spectacles if prescribed  

Take good care of your eyes and try to make small changes to relax like

 going for walks

 Play out door games 

Read  from  the hard copy of the book 

Switch to off line shopping

There by some amount of screen time can be minimised and your eyes are free from digital strain. Read here about the things to mind to avoid loss of vision :

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