Wednesday, 31 August 2022


Listening to music as the first thing in the morning has a lot of benefits like they say, ONE POSITIVE THOUGHT IN THE MORNING will change the whole today. It can be classical or western music. Mostly in India all go for a devotional music in the morning as to offer prayers to the almighty.

Many particularly listen to music based on the ragas meant for that part of the day. Another set of people are interested to go for the ANANDA BHAIRAVI raga to be the first one to listen in the morning to give a happy and and auspicious start of the day. It can be  a vocal or an instrumental one try to start the day with a musical note.

Today being Vinayaka Chaturthi it will be more appropriate to listen to songs in praise of the Lord  Ganesa. There are about 32 different forms of Lord Ganesa.  Heramba Ganesa  is one among them in which the Lord Ganesa will be with five faces. The detailed information about 32 forms can be read here: 

Like Heramba- the five faced Lord, the following are the five popular krithis in Carnatic Music.

1. Vaathaapi Ganapathim Bhajeham in Hamsadhvani Raagam composed by Sri Muthusvami Dikshitar.

2. Vinayaka Vighnanasaka in Vegavahini Ragaam composed by Sri Muthusvami Dikshitar.

3. Karpaga Vinayaka in Hamsadhvani Raagam composed by Sri Subrahmaniya Bharathiyar.

4. Sri Mahaganapathiravathu maam in Gowla Raagam composed by Sri Muthusvami Dikshitar and 

5. Mudhaa karaatha modhakam composed by Sri Adi Sankaracharya and each of the 5 stanzas set in a        different raga - Hamsadhwani, Malahari, Kalyanavasantham, Kuntalavarali & Madhyamavati.


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