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As Lao Tzu says, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” It is a silent teacher, which teaches you the most complex aspects in the simplest way, you just have to listen.

The e book- Lessons from Nature: Concise Environmentopedia Goodies by Meenal Sonal Mathur echoes the above said quote and explains well the nature‘s teaching to human life. The book carries 26 chapters dealing with Nature and the way it helps human beings and the need to interpret it in a right sense for a better life.

Beginning with autumn, the book takes the readers through breeze, flowers, horizon, islands, moon and rainbow along with interesting haiku poems, quotes from field experts and a self-introspection in every chapter.  

This non-fiction e- book throws light on the both the advantages and disadvantages caused to human life by the nature. With many pages dedicated to the blessings of nature, the book allots a space for drought, tornado & volcano proving that nature and life both are a mixture of good and bad. The Author duo needs to be highly appreciated for their prodigious efforts. Their choice of topics and with it adding a right adjective as a prefix establishes their involvement and acute connection in the subject discussed.

 The book is successful in featuring positivity and imparting in readers the concepts showcased by nature for the sake of the humans to understand and lead a better life. The style in which the nature leads humans by example supported by its actions and reactions is quite meticulously presented before the readers for easy understanding.

Here are few lines from the five most entrancing topics inside the book:

“Fly and reach the stars with a string attached to the roots so you can anytime travel back to your virtues from where you started your journey.’ 

These lines from the chapter EARNEST GRAVITY prompts the readers to be connected to their roots and highlights the laws of Newton and its’ importance in nature as well as in human life.

The chapter “KIND JUNIPER’ is no doubt the gem of all the various topics included in the book by the author. 

 I quote “The Juniper tree teaches us to be content with what we have and make the most out of it. No one can compete with others' passion, hard work, and happiness. Keep smiling and keep working shall be the motto in life. “

GRITTY QUAGMIRE catches the attention in a different way and makes to think deep. The author provides few steps to follow during a quagmire situation. This will surely come in handy at the time of the need.

Xerophyte and yeast in this book get a novel and innovative introduction. Author urges readers to be xerohuman. I quote:” So be a Xerohuman who will roll out alternatives to keep going rather than expecting from others.”

With its interesting contents the book is certainly going to encourage readers to love and appreciate the nature there by making them to act responsibly towards it.

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  1. I liked this book too and wanted to review it. Your review is a great reminder.

  2. Thank you Anuradha for posting the detailed review of our book.. We are glad that book made a connection with you.



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