Sunday 22 May 2022


 The nature, form or pattern of the sentences can be changed without changing the meaning of the sentences. This enables one understand  that there are many different ways of expressing an idea.

"My friend is too rich to be my wife" can be changed to "My friend is so rich that she cannot be my wife.' We can change a simple sentence into a complex or a compound one, an affirmative sentence into an interrogative or an exclamatory one. In making the transformations there are certain definite patterns to be followed.

Examples :

1. Statement to Question

We are not satisfied with our experiment

Are we satisfied with our experiment?

2. Simple to complex

He did not admit his ignorance

He did not admit that he is ignorant

3. Simple to compound

Opening the door, she threw the garbage out

She opened the door and threw the garbage out

4. Complex into compound

As there are  many people in the world, I have to accommodate my liberty to their liberties

There are many people in the world and therefore I have to accommodate my liberty to their liberties.

5. Affirmative to Negative

 I was doubtful whether it was you

I was not sure that it was you.

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