Tuesday 24 May 2022


 Gardening is a hobby enjoyed by many through out the globe. Its bestows many with numerous benefits and the joy of producing fruits , flowers and vegetables on their own. The count of the plants and trees and their produce will be at a nominal numbers, but here is a great number that will definitely make you stunningly surprised and make  you feel that "Nothing is Impossible" 

Here is a blogpost about a gardener who created a mini forest with 4000 trees in an area of 850 sq ft. She is Sakshi Bharadwaj an assistant professor by profession and a environment lover by hobby. She has grown plants, which emit high levels of oxygen, absorb radiations and have medicinal values. with this efforts she became an inspiration for many and shares her experiences by addressing online workshops nationally and internationally on gardening and horticulture.

Sakshi Bhardwaj started to develop a backyard garden in the year 2018, she started using jungle cultivation techniques by the year 2019. We always had organic kitchen waste including leftover vegetables, fruit skins and coconut husk which takes long to decompose so I started using it as a planter and turned kitchen waste into vermi- compost and bio-enzymes states Sakshi in an interview to a News agency.

In the year 2020 she came across an online gardening community, who were growing exotic and rare plants. With her wish to expand her garden she reached out to the community members and sourced several of the exotic plants and with it enhanced her collection.

Sakshi always nurtured love for nature and which is why she pursued microbiology in her student days. The keen interest grew further as she started working as an assistant professor of Agriculture. “As I taught plants’ genetics, I thought of having a first-hand experience of these theories in my own garden,” she said. She has named the unique garden ‘Jungle Vase’, Sakshi said that a vase normally has a plant similarly the garden holds a mini forest like a vase.

Sakshi Bharadwaj’s green effort has entered into 2021 edition of OMG Book of Records for ‘creating a 850 sq ft Sustainable, Urban, Vertical & Overhead mini jungle.
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