Thursday, 3 March 2022


Zai Whitaker, the daughter of conservationist Zafar Rashid  Futehally, who started the world wildlife fund and was honorary secretary of the Bombay Natural History society, along with her husband is the founder of Chennai snake park and crocodile bank. She has written 14 books.

She is interested to  write and talk about wildlife and conservation, the fascinating lives of animals and the importance of protecting them, bad land use practices, preservation of waterbodies, pollution and more.

Her book "KODI COCKTAIL" happened when she was in Kodaikanal because hill stations are fragile ecosystems and need long term development plans. The book gives tourists more information on how and what they can do to maintain the environment besides other issues for the locals to ponder- like denuded slopes, decreased water table and water shortage, unregulated construction, and bisons driven out of their habitat.

Zai worked with Irula community and taken steps to empower them and she shares a common love with them for natural history.

Zai - the author and the naturalist wants to see the next generation armed with more information on environment and wildlife. She feels the necessity to provide ample source of details on the natural abundance around us through talks, shows, books and through social media. As awareness is the key to  preserve and protect the natural resources. 

 Zai directs parents to encourage children towards out door activities and make them spend time with Nature. Take them to parks, zoo, Bird sanctuaries, Botanical gardens and expose them to various flora and fauna she adds. A step to instill "Nature Love".

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