Wednesday, 23 March 2022


 Peak summer is fasting approaching  Chennai. The day temperature is unbearable now itself . Bright sunlight, heat waves and heavy sweating making all of us wet and tiresome. Few simple changes at home can bring a slight relief from this hot condition.

1. Brought  few plant pots under shade and rest inside the home to save them from scorching heat

2. Brought vetiver mats and hung it in the balcony

3. Changed all the furnishing to cotton material

4. For a change bought mud jug instead of mud pot to store water 

5. Took hand fans from loft and washed it well to use it when necessary along with umbrellas, hats and caps.

6. Cleaned all the glass tumblers and kept ready to consume fluids

7.  Purchased Extra water bottles in different sizes to carry while going out

8. Bought all the ingredients to prepare "Sathu Maavu'  - a homemade health mix, which can be had with buttermilk &salt or with milk &sugar. Its good to have it in summer.

9. Checked juicer for its working condition, its doing good. We all love to have tomato and water melon juice  during this season. Sugar cane juice and tender coconuts are already in full loads around Chennai.

10. Sunscreen lotion, prickly heat powders, sun glasses and other personal care products according to the individual needs are also stocked up at home

Hope with these we will able to cope up with the on coming hot season in Chennai. If you have any other ideas in this regard, do share it in the comments.

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