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“Live to eat or eat to live”, Food is an integral part of mans’ life. To survive, man requires food. Food can be defined as a substance taken into the body of an animal or plant to maintain its life. That’s why among the basic necessities of mans’ life – food acquires foremost place (Food, Clothing and Shelter).

Food is available in different forms. Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Grains, Nuts, etc. Food can be classified into Raw & Cooked Food. Depending on the forms, there are two types of food – Solid Food & Liquid Food. Items of staple food vary from one another basing on various factors.

Considering their intake Animals are classified into two sets -carnivores and herbivores. 

The definition of carnivorous is an animal that eats the meat of other animals, or a plant that traps and digests insects or other small animals.

The definition of herbivores is Herbivores are the kind of animals whose diet comprises of solely plants.

Like wise man is also categorized on a simple rule basing on his intake which comprises of only plant based items and the other being being meat included in his diet. They are named as vegetarians and non vegetarians respectively. This is an ancient process that differentiates the people on eating habits. 

Vegetarianism is a term introduced  long back in the history of man kind. Many choose to be vegetarians  just out of practice basing on their religion, caste and  geographical and social factors. It is suggested and followed by many bearing in mind the  beneficial health factors and  out of respect for sentient animal life.

With these advantages of being a vegetarian one more phenomenal factor too counts.  It protects Animals and help all of us to live sustainably.
lets hear about it :

A vegan diet is probably the single biggest way to reduce your impact on Planet Earth. Not only do vegan diets produce fewer greenhouse gases, but they also conserve essential resources such as water and land. And this, I think, is the need of the hour. Switching to a plant-based diet rich in phytonutrients, fibre, vitamins and minerals definitely has its own perks. says Bangalore-based Rashmi Cherian, founder of Wellness Vows, is a registered dietitian and one of India’s leading high-performance nutrition experts .

This is a sure way to a sustainable living. Start it and spread a word too. Implementing the concept of vegetarianism in our own lives and being an example is the best foot forward for the cause.  

Lets read these lines of  Gandhiji from his Auto biography as an inspiration :                                                                             
"As the ideals of sacrifice and simplicity were becoming more and more realised, and the religious consciousness was becoming more and more quickened in my daily life, the passion for vegetarianism as a mission went on increasing . I have known only  one way of carrying on missionary work, Viz.., by personal example and discussion with searchers for knowledge." 

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