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With the onset of the New Year, Resolutions too need to be implemented. One among the many common resolutions stands the Exercise routine, being regular to gym, maintaining optimum weight and having a healthy life.

For every act , some preparation, rehearsals and warm ups are necessary. Here is an experts suggestions about the necessity of  warm up and how to prepare for a race.

"May be you say to yourself that you do not have to prepare for a race, that you can just go to the starting line and begin to run. But if you ask some athletes, they will tell you that you have to be prepared for the race. it means that you have to warm up and stretch all your muscles.

If you do not warm up, you can injure yourself, you may pull a muscle or tendon. It is good to start warming up at least forty minutes before the race. All athletes usually warm up at the stadium where they are  going to compete or in a near by stadium which is set for warming up. They wear a track suit and a jacket because they need to keep their muscles warm. 

First of all, you should start with jogging. When you jog you run slowly, so you will not put too much strain on your muscles in the beginning. You should run at least ten minutes, but the length depends on the length of the race in which you compete. Of course long -distance runners will jog longer than sprinters.

For example, runners who run for ten- kilometer races will jog five kilometers to warm up, but sprinters may only jog one kilometer. However , it depends on the individual person For example when I run the eight - hundred meter race, I jog two kilo meters. Secondly, you have to stretch your muscles with different exercises. Runners pay the most attention to exercises for their legs. They have to stretch all their leg muscles. For example,  a good exercise to stretch the Achilles tendon is to stand facing a wall and push against it with both hands. Straighten one leg behind you and push. After you have exercised all your muscles, you can move on to the next step. The third step to warming up is to run really fast as fast as you will run in the real race. Usually you do this for no more than one hundred meters, but you will repeat this fast running for may be three times. This running fast starts the body and gets it ready for the real race."

Hope you all enjoyed reading this and reach your fitness goals in this New Year and be successful in standing up with your resolution.

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