Sunday, 18 July 2021




First and foremost in my bucket list is to get free of corona around us. Every one of us should be free and happy to roam around.

*vegetable markets in Chennai are mostly in open spaces. That’s the biggest advantage and it helps many people to gather at one place and buy their vegetables. The open place will become crowded by evenings, when many drop to buy vegetables after their office hours or while getting back home. Those vegetables are fresh and cheap when compared to the packed ones in super markets. Buyers can check each vegetable individually. Pick it up, check whether it has cuts, bruised, rotten or damaged, then we can weigh it, check the weight, adjust those little grams of ups and downs in weight, calculate and then pay. Sometime we get lucky, the seller will reduced the cost if you buy a kg of the vegetable. Many freebies like curry leaves, pudinas (mint), coriander leaves or greens are given. I’m right now missing all these. The first thing post corona is to visit the vegetable market and shop my favourite vegetables hand- picked by me.

* Next comes the visit to the Library, during boring afternoons I make a visit to the near- by Library and I don’t make any serious reading. But my favourite at afternoon are Magazines, the whole collection of magazines stacked up in the rack makes me happy. The colour attracts me first, next the cover image. I pick the most attractive and interesting one and leisurely turn the pages. I will stop just to read the eye catching titles. I focus more on entertainment and interiors of the house.  I look at the advertisements of brands in the fashion industry. I will try to buy the best products in the category. Almost 18 months passed by, that I missed my afternoon treat. This is the second item in my bucket list.

* Post corona and free of the virus, I’m eagerly waiting to attend a LlVE concert of carnatic or instrumental music. Watching our favourite stars performing live is a joy that words cannot express. Start early for the concert to catch the front row of seats when bookings are not allowed. It’s just “ALL ARE WELCOME, in that scenario we need to be early, it’s a first come first serve basis. Settling down in the first few rows , that itself is half done. There will be variety of audience there, dressed well, some are gorgeous and others quite simple. People of different ages, many humming their favourite tunes or Alaplana of the raga. Mostly they expect those ragas inclusion in the performance. We happen to see many stalwarts, VIPs and politicians and many others in lime light along with the common people. They all seat in their reserved ones. Many gather there for the auto graphs. Within some time, everything becomes quite. The curtains go up and a huge round of applause from the whole audience. The artists bow and thank and get into their work. Ah! How amazing it will, to be in that environment. Complete serenity! Looking forward to one such in the near times.

 *On to a serious note, “Reading and writing to be carried out more in a disciplined way” is the constant one in my bucket list. Recently attended a National webinar on “Rewiring your Brain: Reading books”. The Resource person very well explained about the impact of reading books on our brains. The two books now on my the reading list are: 1. BECOMING by Michelle Obama   2.  The Essence of Leadership (Explorations  From Literature) by S. Manikutty & Sampat P Singh

 * One of the wish from my bucket list is started through swayam. I have joined in two of the courses. One has started and the other will begin at a later date. The Swayam portal is authentic and genuine in every way for online courses

 * Plans to attend the virtual book launch of my favourite writer Ruskin Bond on 25 th July

 Regarding bucket list- preparing “things to do” list is my routine habit. To make a list of daily activities and other works to be carried out in a day, is a task that helps me to carry out the work easily.  I write down all things to complete in a day in a diary like writing blog post, reading blogs, ordering grocery, checking e mails, making phone calls, sending greetings to birthday and anniversaries, paying bills, booking Gas cylinders etc. So, bucket list of mine, is of many categories ranging from day, week, month and years. 

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  1. Hope you achieve them all! Loved reading the post and wished I had a library nearby too!


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