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Cooking is an art and as a part of this various utensils are used. Normally stainless steel, brass, bronze, non –stick and earthen ware are used for cooking. For serving silver, glass, porcelain and china ware are used. Every utensil needs to be handled in a different way to bring out the best from it and also to last longer. Mud pots are used  to carry and store water. Even tumblers are made of mud. These days kadai and various shapes of utensils are made out of mud. In this way MUD VESSELS are very fragile and needs at most care while handling:

While placing Mud vessels on the stove, it needs to be dry in the bottom.  Mud vessels with wet bottom will get damaged when placed on heat.  More over dry bottoms will get heat faster. Moreover the burner in the stove will glow without any disturbance.

It’s not safe to keep the empty mud vessel for longer time on the stove. Add the ingredients quickly after placing it on the stove.

Try to use wooden ladles as far as possible along with mud vessels or kadai

Clean and wash them slowly. Don’t use metal scrubbers.

Never place or wash them along with other stainless steel utensils, Chances of scratch or breakage is high.

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