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Oils are an essential ingredient in cooking. Its used for seasoning, deep fry, shallow fry and sautéing. There are about many different oils available in the market. Latest being olive oil, canola oil and rice bran oil. Mainly there are five oils that are used in traditional cooking. They were:

Ground nut oil: This is extracted from dry ground nuts and is used specially for preparing deep fried snacks and savouries. It is a good healthy source of fat.
Sesame oil: This is extracted from sesame seeds and is mainly used for preparing pickles. Lamps are lit with this oil in temples and homes.   Sesame Oil is used for oil pulling and body massage also.

Sunflower oil: This is extracted from sun flower seeds and is used in cooking. It is rich source of vitamin E.

Coconut oil: As a well-known one, this is extracted from dried coconuts and used in cooking in the state of Kerala. In other parts of the country it is used for hair and skin care. It helps to prevent dryness.

Palm oil: This is extracted from the fruit of the oil palm. It is used for cooking. It is also used as a substitute for butter.

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