Sunday, 3 November 2019


 Smart phones are handy and highly useful. If used in a right way, it can bring good results and fortune. If you are a person who loves quizzing, then your days ahead are going to be more enjoyable and productive. Here how you can…
                 Install Sony LIV app and play KBC (KAUN BANEGA CROREPATI) play along. It’s                               easy to install and register.

 The Game is available between 9 pm  to 10.30 pm from Monday to Friday.

The questions are from diverse fields of subjects and every question is given four options.

The timer runs at the top of the question, choose the answer and lock it.

If the answer is correct, points are added. Every answer has different points and timer also differs.

All the points are added together and included into your account.

There are many prizes to be won.  Check your score from the LEADER BOARD.

Apart from this there is a daily quiz and insurance dekho quiz. These points are also added to the main total.

There also a section called WATCH AND WIN, by simply watching the video, points can be scored.

There also a BONUS QUESTION in the first break of the program, which can fetch you 100 bonus points.

Start Playing, improve your scores as well as your knowledge.

  Amazon daily quiz is the other platform for quiz lover to show case their knowledge and win prizes.

Install amazon app and play daily quiz every day between 8am to 12pm. Each day you will have to answer all the five questions correctly so as to be a part of the draw for the prize. You need to choose the right answer from the options given.

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