Tuesday, 26 November 2019


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LIFT in an apartment is an essential amenity and helps many to reach top floors.   Now- a- days the demand for the lift is on the rise because of the height of the apartment building and the knee problem which many aged people are suffering from. The number of lifts depends on the number of floors and the number of families residing in it.

·         First of all try to use the lift in a proper way without overloading it and follow the instruction thoroughly.

·         Give preferences to aged people and children to use the lift. Never allow them alone in the lift.

·         When waiting for the lift, don’t simply press the button often. Have patience

·         Handle the lift door slowly without creating much noise.  It will last long without any troubles.

·         Press the number, basing on the floor you what to each. Don’t allow children to touch anything on the lift.

·         Don’t try to open the door, till the lift stops.

·         While carrying heavy luggage in the lift, make sure to arrange it properly.

·         If the alarm bell or beep sound occurs, check whether the door is shut tightly, or anything struck…

               If there is any problem in the Lift, inform the apartment association and make a call to the service personnel. Till it is rectified don’t allow anyone to use it.

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