Monday, 25 November 2019


Music in the form of songs can be heard any time at any place. These days there is no need to depend on any one electronic appliance like Radio or T.V. With many gadgets in the market the chances of listening to good music has tremendously increased.

·         With DTH, there are loads of music channels which offer 24X7 non- stop film songs in all languages.

·         Even the Private FM stations are available round the clock with regional and Bollywood songs.

·         All India Radio is also offering few FM stations along with AM. They too carry latest and classic songs in the interest of listeners.

·         DVD players still run at few homes with their favourite selection of songs in mp3’s or DVD ‘s.

·         Pen drives too help to have a collection of hits and listen to it in laptops, TV and in Cars.

·         With smart phones in the hand, listening to FM stations and watching YOU- tube channels are in the finger tips.

With these many facilities to enjoy music, the joy and pleasure of listening to it has increased in many folds. Let it be any time of the day or night, we need to on the switch and the melody flows in. Have a great time listening to music.

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