Tuesday, 5 November 2019


Festivals add colour to our lives. They bring joy and prosperity. There are many festivals in our country. Each state celebrates it in a very unique way and it stands as a special feature of that particular state. Festivals are mainly two - harvest festival and religious festivals.

Onam in Kerala
Bihu in Assam
Makara sankranthi In Tamilnadu are all harvest festivals.

Krishnastami, ganesh chaturthi, are religious festivals.

Each and every household celebrate the festival in their own way or as directed by their ancestors. Festivals carried a purpose and meaning in them. They spread and share success stories and teach morals. Festivals are often associated with nature,   & god and goddess. Many were meant for animals and birds too.

 In those days families gather for the festivals and celebrate at one place. Major change I observe these days is this that many are away from their families and are unable to join them during festivities. Because of which the grandeur has come down and no elaborate arrangements were made.

In childhood days, the thought of a festival itself is assured of joy and gaiety for me, but now, it’s a big task that needs more planning and action. When we were children parents, aunties and uncles altogether shared their work and executed properly so that we simply enjoyed. Ranging from flowers, thoran, lighting, pooja items, clothes, sweets etc everything was in place. But now for me managing elders, children, office, house hold and the festive works are very tiring for me. So, we try to make it a simple affair and enjoy the rest.

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