Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Before proceeding to apply for a home loan, please be clear about your own requirements and your family member’s and then decide what to buy and which one to buy. The cost of a flat or apartment depends on three major factors and it will vary basing on these:


                    Choose a locality where you would like to own a flat or apartment. The cost of the flat is mainly influenced upon the locality in which it is situated. Interior areas of a city may get you a flat in lesser amount than in the heart of the city. Choose the locality basing on your budget.

But if your requirement demands a flat in a main locality of a city, then try to take  a 1BHK apartment with 500 to 700 sqft area  instead of trying for 2 or 3 BHK apartment with high rates. Here the requirement fulfilled will be of just owning a house in the preferred part of the city but not the space or built area of the flat.

These will be helpful for those who need to be near schools for children, hospitals for elders so on &so forth.

          BUILT UP AREA:

The built up area or the square feet of the flat comes in various sizes. Depending on the requirement you can choose. There are about 2 BHK flats starting from 800 -850 sqft , 3 and 4 BHk flats  go up to a wide range of choice from 1000 sqft and above. Cost of the each sqft again depends on the locality and the builder. Bigger apartments in the outskirts of a city is a choice may prefer, as these offer a calm life without any disturbance due to traffic and pollution.  Its Free from hustle bustle of the city. The cost of the flat also is less when compared to the ones with in the city with same sqft.


 The cost of the flat, up to an extent is determined by the builder, as the major part of this is influenced by the cost of the materials used in the construction work. Best quality material assures trouble structure for the years to come. Other amenities in the apartment too add up to the total cost. Check all the features and then choose according to your budget.

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