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The definition of the term Gueridon is a movable service table or a trolley from which food may be carved, filleted, flambe’ed, or prepared and served. It can be used to carry any special requirement that may be necessary. The Gueridon itself may come in various forms i,e calor gas trolley specially made for the purpose; plain trolley or even a small table.

The origin of Gueridon service itself is hard to trace. It includes carving, salad preparation, filleting, Preparation of fresh fruit and so on. This form of service is normally found in high class establishments. A more expensive and elaborate form of equipment must be used for the service to be carried out efficiently which necessitates more room area for movement of trolleys.
Flambe’ dishes first become popular in the Edwardian era. The first claimed Flambe’ dish was Crepes suzette which was supposedly invented by Henri Charpentier when working as a commis at the café de Paris in Monte Carlo.

FLARE LAMPS:  These are essential item of equipment for Gueridon service and are used in reheating, cooking and flambéing dishes. The maintenance of the flare lamp is very important and should be carried out very carefully. The flare lamp should be cleaned regularly with aid of plate powder. Care over its use is essential as it is costly item. The lamps here are generally calor gas.
CHAFING DISH OR SUZETTE PANS:  The true chafing dish is rarely seen now a days, this was deeper, has a lid and was made to fit into its own individual heating unit. They resemble frying pans, which are used today are called suzette pans and have a diameter of 20-30 cm with or without a lid. The pans are generally made of sliver –plated copper as this gives an even distribution of heat.
HOT PLATES: The hot plates main function is to keep food hot before it is served to the guest. They are always positioned on the side board. They come in a vast range of sizes and may be heated by gas, electricity or methylated spirits. Care should be taken in cleaning, filling and trimming the wicks. The wicks in both hot plates and flare lamps should be long enough and adequate for the service.
GUERIDON: A gueridon may use a gas lamp connected to a calor gas cylinder. The service top is flat as the gas lamp has been lowered into upper casing. The top of the trolley is stainless steel which allows for easy cleaning. Note the control switch for the gas lamp; the bucket on the lower tray used for holding bottles of spirit and liqueurs and the indentation on top of the trolley for holding accompaniments.
Cover: sweet spoon and fork, hot sweet plate
Accompaniment: castor sugar
Equipment for Flambe’ trolley: lamp, pan, an under plate, butter in a butter dish, a doily, a side plate, butter knife, matches, portion of banana, castor sugar, measure  of rum, fresh orange juice, service  spoons and forks on a service plate, spare plate for dirty equipment, bread, small carving knife.
1.    Place a banana on a board and trim both ends
2.    Slit the skin down the length of the banana through to the this four times splitting the skin into quarters.
3.    Remove the skin  a quarter at  a time
4.    Cut the banana in two, length ways
5.    Place the butter in the pan and melt
6.    Pierce both halves of the banana with a  fork, to allow the heat to penetrate more quickly
7.    Place the banana in the pan and heat, paste with butter occasionally.
8.    When golden brown add a little fresh orange juice and blend well. This produces the sauce and removes the surplus fat from within the sauce.
9.    At this stage place the hot sweet plate on the table in front of the guest
10.           When heated sufficiently, flambe’ with rum
11.           Serve at the table from the pan on to the hot sweet plate or serve on to hot sweet plate on the flambe’ trolley.
Cover: sweet spoon and fork, hot sweet plate
Accompaniment: none
Ingredients : 85g castor sugar, 2 satsumas, half lemon, zest 2 satsumas, 85 g butter, 1 measure orange curacao,1 measure brandy, 4 pan cakes
Equipment for flambe’ trolley: lamp, pan on an under plate, service spoons and forks on a service plate, 2 teaspoons on a side plate, 2 sweet forks on a side plate, oval or flat for portion of pan cakes, orange juice and lemon juice, brandy and liqueur glass on an under plate, 1 bottle of orange curacao and 1 bottle of brandy, 2 hot sweet plates
1.    Pour out the required measure of liqueur.
2.    Place the creamed mixture of castor sugar, butter and zest into the pan and melt. Allow to colour slightly to a light golden shade.
3.    Add three sauce ladles of orange juice and blend well.
4.    Add the juice of half a lemon if required according to the taste
5.    Add one measure of orange curacao
6.    Mix well stirring with a large fork .taste.
7.    Place in the pan cakes, one at a time, heat well, turn over and then fold.
8.    During the process the sauce should be reducing all the time and thickening
9.    When the sauce is reduced sufficiently, add the measure of brandy and flambe’
10.           Serve onto the hot sweet plates from the pan, at the table.

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