Friday, 13 January 2023



 Cooking -  a flavour some skill which many great grandmothers,  grandmothers,  mothers have acquired  a predominant queenship. They did it effortlessly  for the sake of their family and friends. 

Though anybody praised  or lauded their technics they always presented their best possible outcomes.

At homes food use to come to the plates when one is hungry.  How many of us ever bother  about the way it is prepared, how much time it took,  did the cook required any help or assistance?

Mostly it's no! But  mothers never complained.  These days for every small tasks  praise and appreciation should precede.

In this year 2023 ,Cooking has been a part of many new year resolutions and in the listicle to be happier.

I wonder why the need to learn cooking needs to be  insisted in so many ways?

 how many women  in the Indian households  spend a lot of time in cooking.

People need cooking to be in the list of best things suggested by others. Can't  they help  learn  or inspire from.their mothers?

Why many look out for inspiration or suggestion from others? Why not from their house or their family members. 

It has rubbishly become an random act to look out for everything outside.

Just look in and make  a habit to learn. 

When it's the lunch time, one need a box full of food to eat. Then it's their duty to learn to make food from a right age.

I don't know why many look down at cooking ? They need to have proven or approved sort of recognition  from the so called "   "

Then only they will learn . Cooking  is the way to feed food hunger. What more you want ?

Cooking is an art , cooking is therapeutic and many adjective  will follow. Then they will think about it.

Do you think this is fair? Every one should know , learn , make and serve food for the good of yourself and others. 

Learn the style of cooking followed at your home first and later the  rest.

Respect cooking and the cook. One can't eat everything raw.

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