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We all plan many things for the New year ahead with lots of improvisations in our day to day life to have a more quality in our way of life. Every year few changes are inevitable like our age and age related issues both physical and mentally.

We need to make our selves fit to cope up with the change and move on successfully. For this many say "This too will pass"  and at many situations we experience first time shocks &surprise out of the results of our  actions and words.

To take charge of this scenario and keep up our energy and positivity , here are the few five strengtheners to imbibe with us : 

1. Start the day with a positive thought: It is said by many and you all might have heard about this many number of times. For me also this was like the many a general statement a few years back. But now after realizing its results personally I started to share and implement it everyday without fail and happy to see, &feel the difference in my day as well as in my life.

Do it  as a first thing in the morning as when you get out of the bed. Just have a positive self talk  - one or two lines  or else feel that You will do well today and everything will be good. Definitely you will have a enough energy and strength to face the day. You will start to search or find little things that are good in every activity, it will be like a justification initially  but later it will lead to be grateful for all that good happened to you on that day.

This will finely guide to correct the mistakes done by you if any on that day and slowly you will improve in handling the task with lesser mistakes and more positive in your attitude and actions.

2. Spare time for prayer :  Allocating some time for prayer in spite of  you having  a hectic schedule through out the day is sure to show significant improvement in your well being.  It helps you to feel well in the first place, provides you enough energy to work for long hours, enhances concentration and will guide you to be ethical in every way.

Prayers heal and there by you recover, regain and rejoice success in your life. It brings in you the power to be calm,  to have less stress & tension, and  to be hope full of finding the light at the end of the tunnel.

Offering prayer to the Lord everyday instills in you the faith that the "Positivity attracts positivity" and it will make you see the rainbow every where.

3. Prioritize and write down the tasks for the day : Many prepare it mentally and can go on well with it. But what I feel is , it is better to write down the tasks to be carried in a day in the order of its priority.

Divide it into four parts of the day and try to complete it accordingly. At the end of the day, tick all the tasks that you have finished successfully. The number of ticks will increase in the days to come because of you prioritizing the task.

With prioritizing you will be able to prevent procrastination and your work is done on time. Automatically the workload will be organised and obviously results will be better. With clearly meeting the demands , the pressure is  reduced and more focus on the best methods for better outcome is worked out.

Thus the jotting down a priortised things to do list is a big game changer of the day and will help to take up new challenges .

4. Be Conscious : This needs to be a constant  companion of you in  every step you take ranging from simple house hold chores to professional assignments.  Be aware of  what you need, what you do, its  results & consequences.

Making conscious  decisions and choices help us to grow. It will lead us towards  the goal of becoming a healthy and responsible individuals. 

This creates a huge benefit for our family and the society. 

Being conscious of what you buy and what you eat tends to provide you a feel of satisfaction  and less guilt, there  by a gain of confidence. There arise a novel approach for a better future. All this needs to begin with every activity of the day.

5. Health is Wealth : This we all have heard  from our younger days.  Many of us are healthy too but do we are happy with the wealth we posses? Are we making best use of it? and do  take measures to safe guard  or maintain the same.

The answer needs to be YES! . Take time to react to your body needs as simple as enough sleep and hydration.

Count these too in the day's activity  and try not to left out. Place these first in your personal  list and see who the rest of the activities  gets completed finely. 

For one needs to be healthy  and comfortable  physically  and mentally  to be able to have a great day of productive in all the terms.

These five strengtheners work like  catalysts  to speed up  your  success in every work of ours.


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