Friday, 21 October 2022



"Leadership is example." To be successful, a  good leader must "walk the talk". Employees take a fraction of the time to know a leader as he/she takes to get to know them. The example you are giving is quote simply you. Whether this is  a good or a bad example depends on the leader.

An example is set in verbal and non- verbal ways and all aspects of  a leader's words and deeds must be considered in the light of this.

If example is contagious, it is worth ensuring that a good one is set to encourage the qualities sought in others.

Some key questions for good leadership are :

*TASK -  do you lead from the front / by example?

*TEAM - do you develop your teams' standards through the power of example?

* INDIVIDUAL - do you view each individual as a leader in their own right?

Bad example, particularly of hypocrisy, is noticed more than good, so care must be taken in all that a leader  says and does.

With these key features and cautions you can definitely set an example as a leader.

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