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Poetry is a form of literature that is used to express and exhibit through use of words and its rhymes. Any form of Literature has got its own power and when efficiently used brings in desired results.

Poetry is an age old form which is quite interestingly used to various works and with various purposes in varied artistic forms. Poetry is a fine collection of words systematically arranged to provide an information, message or an awareness and it is also finely utilised to motivate, inspire, educate and voice a cause. When used to voice a cause, thus poetry becomes a weapon.

Here comes the role of poetry in the Indian freedom struggle. A weapon to fight against slavery & injustice and at the same time to instil harmony, love, and brotherhood and to sow the seed of patriotism poetry is undoubtedly stood as a sharp weapon to insert the required message to one and all the fellow countrymen.

Poetry’s reach was far and wide and was a medium to associate with like- minded people and it proved to be effective in forwarding the strength of unity and diversity. It helped many to symbolise in describing the beauty &the importance of the mother land and to protect it from foreign hands.

The poetry attained indomitable new heights with the advent of many renowned poets like Rabindranath Tagore, Bharathiyar, Sarojini naidu, Harivansh Rai bachan, Ramdari singh dinakar and many national and regional poets whose contribution towards freedom struggle was more than just penning a poetry.

With this medium –poetry people of the country were united and they all sang in unison the glory of the Mother India. With the efforts and steps taken by those patriots we are all now enjoying the free air in our own land and with pride and dignity walking towards the 75th Independence Day celebration which is going to take place within 5 days.

Take this form ahead with writings and reading poetry in any language of India. It is sure to expose you to a whole new experience and growth. Poetry has such a power and with constant exposure and interaction in poetry you will definitely agree that poetry has a magnificent power to help humans improve and evolve in a smooth way.

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