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Elephants are friendly towards human beings and they help us in numerous ways.  On the world elephant day today, Elephants are greatly remembered and discussed about the ways they are in our lives in different situations.  Here is a list of it :

1.  Elephants are known for their size. -Mammoth and gigantic are the words used to describe elephants

2. Jumbo – nick name used by children while playing with the soft toy of elephant. Moreover jumbo size mosquito coils are in sales these days.

3. Elephants are normally seen in temples and circus.

4. When God and Goddess are taken out in procession Elephants lead them. Famous places are Tirumala &Tirupathi, Guruvayoor and Mysore

5. Elephants are used as Mascots in games

 6. Elephants help in forest departments to move tree trunks and logs

 7. In religious terms Elephant is worshipped as Lord Ganesh who has an elephant face

8. Goddess Maha Lakshmi is termed as GAJA LAKSHMI who has seated on an Elephant

 9. In mythology Indira’s vehicle is IRAVATHA- the white elephant

10. When thought of largest mammal – elephant is put forth and the African elephants take the first place

11. Elephant safari is highly enjoyed and loved by wild life enthusiasts or forest trekkers or jungle safari is done using elephants

12. Elephant hair is used in jewellery making for gold rings and bangles

13. Ivory is used in many miniature carvings and other art &d├ęcor activities

14. Elephant caves in Maharashtra is a major tourist attraction for its

15. In Mahabalipuram or Mamalapuram the elephant chariot or elephant herd sculpture was an un parallel work of art.

16. Elephantiasis / elephant foot is a condition were the front foot becomes swollen with the bite of infected mosquitoes.

17. Famous tea brand Brook bond’s GEMINI tea uses two elephants symbolising twins – a zodiac sign

18. In Kerala a place called Punnathur kotta is a home of elephants. It’s a place of their shelter. Elephants together bath, eat play and stand in a line for tourists

19. The eye of the elephant is photographed and displayed outside the houses to get rid of the evil eye.

20. Elephants were used by kings in their army.

21. In the game of chess, elephants moved in all the directions and cut the enemies easily in  one move

22. In the films like HAATHI MERE SAATHI the bondage between elephant and humans were well portrayed.

23. El rhino is a platform where the elephant dung is used to manufacture paper. 

24. Elders tend to become elephants by kneeling down and bent while playing with kids for an elephant ride.

Do share  in comments about your experience with elephants, like elephant rides or best pictures with elephants  etc.

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