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 Reading and writing are the two major works that are carried out in a day when ever time permits. It can be  a hobby and a profession for many. If it is  a professional deal, it needs to be done in a allotted time. A need for a perfect place to  complete the work finely without any delay is the utmost essential thing.

Reading can be done by simply holding a book sitting on the floor, mat or park bench or terrace . But when it becomes to work with a laptop a desk or  a table is essential to place the device. The recent trend of from home demands a professional set up.

 For any work , let alone reading or writing it needs to be done in a perfect ambience for best results and to finish it within the deadline.  Early writing or clerical work done with papers , note books , and pens. these days all the work is carried out using  a device. So, to complete such a task:

A cool room with well equipped lights, fans and A/c

A table and a chair or a writing desk

A laptop

wifi with high speed internet and other 

necessary documents either hard or soft copy

The furniture meant for a study room or  a office room  need to be in  a certain height to avoid postural issues like  pain in wrist, shoulders, hip, hands and fingers. More over the view should in correct length with the eye, with which some amount of strain and pressure on the eye can be ceased.   The furniture plays  a bigger role in the health issues of the one who works. To be away from these  problems few precautions need to be taken with regard to the proportionate height of the table and the chair.

Different office chairs have different ranges, though measured from floor to the seat, the typical range is from 16” to 22” (41cm to 56cm). Note that all of the above are standard ergonomic office chairs. Some office chairs for tall people can be adjusted beyond 21″ in height states a report.
When the same and the ideal measures are kept in mind while buying the furniture ,some amount of the problem can be typically avoided.
The right desk height depends on the height and body type of the user. However, a simple way to tell whether the desk is at a  proper height is to place both the hands on the desk and take a look at the elbow height. If the elbows sit at a 90-degree angle comfortably, then the desk is positioned correctly.

Along with this also ensure that 

* You should be able to place your feet firmly on the ground or a footstool
 * Knees and elbows should be at a right-angle
 * The keyboard and mouse should be in line with your elbows
 * The monitor/screen should be below the optical axis
confirms an orthopedist and an ophthalmologist. These can make the flow of the work smooth and the well being of the professional worker.

    Further, information on human factors and ergonomics can be read in detail here

    Do set up a healthy space for the best of you and your reading and writing

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