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On International Plastic Bag Free Day which is celebrated on 3rd July pick sustainable and eco-friendly bags. International Plastic Bag Free Day which is celebrated each year on 3rd July, is an effort to eliminate the use of plastic bags.

Plastic bags merged with us so much that we are unable to get rid of it easily. Everywhere it is with us in numerous shapes and sizes. These are being avoided and production is stopped to make our living more better and best in the years to come.

How far everyone is understanding this and taking steps to cease its use.  To make it very clear, the cloth bags are at their disposal in a vegetable market.

 Here is an marvellous attempt of introducing cloth bags in  a market place which took place recently for the benefit of all of us.

Manja pai is an initiative in Chennai that generates and supplies a cloth bag at the press of a  button.  In the Koyambedu market a manja pai vending machine was installed  and by dropping a ten rupee coin , the customers can get a cloth bag and can complete their shopping.  Though there are many cloth bags and jute bags are also available in the market, this vending machine provides a large bag at a minimum cost of ten rupees.

 On International plastic bag free day, Let us look into few minor and low budget substitutes for plastic water bottles, plates and containers  which are bringing in  a fine touch of eco friendly living into our homes.

Stainless steel water bottles are best for children rather than glass ones instead of plastic bottles. These are easy to carry with less weight, easy to clean and comes in various sizes to fit into the children's school backs.

Plastic plates are being replaced with the plantain leaves in many households  &restaurants in South India.  Dried plantain leaves are used by many for having meals. Next to it, leaves of Mandarai are stitched together and used as plates and for packing food items.


Plastic cups are banned in various temples and other public places where the  leaf cups are being distributed for bhog or prasadam.

Plastic containers used in kitchen are moved out and stainless steel, brass and glass containers find place. 

These are the very simple  changes that can be brought in our lives and that will surely help all of us move towards a green living.


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