Friday, 10 June 2022


  Foops! 30 common financial mistakes by Manoj Arora is a valuable book with Information and instructions to lead a financially sound life. This book is a must for people those who feel to have less financial burden as well as good value for their money. All the chapters in this book deal with the common mistakes committed by many mostly with lesser knowledge of handling money and no background of banking and investments.

Many readers can eventually relate with the mistakes and issues dealt in this book. This book is an eye opener for whole set of people who are unhappy with the way their financial status is. This book is a guiding light with awakening and action in every chapter. Moreover the author has provided his contact details for personal interaction. He also invites to join the ELITE group to come up with solutions for the financial problems. 

Most familiar financial decisions are simply treated in a professional way and the author throws light in the most pre dominant mistakes like auto renewal of FD, settling housing loans, overlooking the vital role of Expense Management are to mention a major few. Many of the concepts are being explained by the author with the support of graphs.

Regarding the investments, the Author in the chapter 25, CATEGORISING ASSET CLASSES AS GOOD AND BAD, I quote, “We truly want to understand you, your existing portfolio, future needs, risk- taking capacity, attitude to risk, current portfolio, liquidity, etc.. before we conclude what is the “best” investment “for You” are the golden words which every reader should consider ae well as speak up with their financial consultants.

If the readers happen to follow his instructions and implement it basing on their personal finance is sure to bring a grand ray of hope in their financial future.

The common mistake mentioned in the book are often unknowingly committed by the common man. A professional assistant can enlighten the victim by extending a helping hand and this is done in the form a book.

 In the glossary, 49 common terms are given meanings and it gently supports to get into the flow of the book easily without searching outside the book.  

The author though brings forth both the problem and the solution, he still suggests to fix their own issues in the light of this but not as it is. He thoroughly insists for a personal approach to the personal finance, but not a general or common formula for all.

The author needs a huge appreciation for bringing up financial issues for the benefit of the readers and for the betterment of the society. 

(Received a copy of the book from Writers melon in return of an honest review)

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