Saturday, 11 June 2022


 It is a linguistic expression used to make a request for information. Rhetorical questions are used to make  a point and are not expected to be answered. The inversion of the subject and the verb makes it a question and not  a statement. (Are you happy?)

Open -ended questions give the respondent greater freedom to answer or give opinion. Close-ended questions usually require yes/no answer or the choice of an option from a list of options.

Wh- questions are widely used to elicit the desired response (who, when, why, what, where, how). Tag questions are added  to a statement to change it into a question. (It's cold today, isn't it?)

Examples :

1. What made you scream?

2. who locked the gate?

3. Are you going home now?

4. You didn't lock the door, did you?

5. The house was insured, wasn't it?

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