Sunday, 19 June 2022



The e-book COOKING WITH SHAIL is a short and sweet cook book with mouth- watering 15 recipes. All the recipes covered in this book are of different styles and methods and about different courses ranging from starters, main courses and desserts.

The book has a selection of recipes suitable for breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner. All the recipes can be prepared using the easily available ingredients in the India markets including the new entrant quinoa.

The author has worked with extra caution to avoid the disappointment during the end result of the recipe by providing the important tips in few recipes is noteworthy. This assures the reader to be confident while preparing the dish.

The recipes in this book demands fruits, vegetables, masala, paneer, bread, curd, cheese, flour and dough and batter to prepare 15 fine dishes. The author in her introduction states that these recipes are tried and tested at home.  Here is her words’ of introduction:

 "I started cooking after my 12th board exams and since then there has been no turning back. I am professionally a lawyer but cooking is my passion and even today after a long day at work I come back to the kitchen and that is my biggest stress buster. In this e[1]book I have tried to compile recipes each being of a different style and taste, all recipes can be served as different courses but each can be made using simple home -made ingredients. All the recipes have been tried and tested by myself and the pictures are all taken by me."

 In many of the recipes author painstakingly puts forth clear headings for ingredients for gravy and the dish separately and the same follows the same procedure with the methods too. In the recipe of the broccoli paratha, author seeks reader’s attention while adding the salt and cooking paratha.

The 15 recipes given in the book needs almost special requirement of the available ingredients. For example curd is usually available, but for curd and paneer sandwich, hung curd is the important ingredient. For the fruit and cream dessert instead of cream, whipped cream is the need. With little effort you can work wonders in your kitchen. All the ingredients are in the kitchen itself but with a touch of nuances the recipes can be brought out as a yummy dish.

Stuffing is done in vegetables, parathas and dosa, here the author presents a unique dish of stuffed idlli – simply amazing. Masala bhakri- a Gujarathi recipe needs a Lodhi and the multi grain dhokla recipe needs a dhokla steamer. These are the special needs meant for the recipe. Rest of the recipes can be happily prepared at any kitchen and savour the dishes.

Among all these, Rava mango cake is the one I’m going to try first. What about you? Download the book here and choose from the recipes which you are going to prepare first.   :

(This e book review is a part of Blog chatter's E Book Carnival 2022)



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