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Parenting is an art. To be successful in it, it demands a lot of energy and skill. In todays’ scenario it is more challenging to bring up a child and make him/her a responsible citizen of the country. May be, considering the situations around and keeping in mind the above condition  Jyoti Kaur has penned an e –book  titled “PARENTING TWEENS” covering all the issues between a parent and a tween.

“The sign of good parenting is not the child’s behaviour. It is the parent’s behaviour.” – Andy Smith Son.  It seems supporting this, the author has   addressed this book for the parents and a lot of emphasis is laid on their role.

As we all know, there are different stages of development of an infant after birth. Every stage demands a certain style or a particular way of handling the baby or a child. One such stage is the “Tween” / preadolescence.(10-12yrs of age)

The book has 23chapters dealing with all the phases of a tween’s life and it carries suggestions and idea for the parents which will aid them in their parenting journey.

The author finely crafted this book in the order of the growth of the child’s needs and demands. The issues dealt in the book are quite common and every parent will relate to it and can take up the ideas to handle the issues in a smooth way.

The ideas and suggestion given in the book are also very practical and it just requires a simple technique and a little time to have control over the situation.

“Teaching responsibilities to Tweens”, “Teaching values to the tweens”  “Fun and safe ways to allow tween to explore their style”, “Dealing with your tween excessive use of phone” are the few significant topics discussed in the book.

The author in every chapter of the book clearly explains the concept followed by ideas and finally the conclusion. She is successful in bringing out the prime topics of parenting with adaptable ideas for the benefit of the parents.

Many sensitive issues are also been handled by the author in an exceptional way. The book also teaches parents to be calm, realistic as well as alert. In the chapter “MAKE YOUR TWEEN INDEPENDENT” the author puts forth the ideal ways where both the child and the parent can be happy. Here are her words:

“As the tween move nearer to their teenage years the urge for independence also grows. Parents on the other hand are in a continuous struggle to control them and keep them close. This tug of war can be settled with a help of a few tips that will help the tween to enjoy their freedom while being encircled by a set of rules set by the parents. The tips that will be discussed below will help to make your tween independent while keeping them close at the same time”    

This e book holds in itself a numerous fragments of happenings during parenting journey. The actions and reactions are magnificently recorded without omitting any important issue. This book can support parents and help them to have a clear perspective and approach everything in a confident way.

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