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 WE Care for Literature primarily on account of its deep and lasting human significance. A great book grows directly out of life; in reading it, we are brought into large, close, and fresh relations with life; and in that fact lies the final explanation of its power.

Literature along with imparting knowledge provides huge amount of aesthetic satisfaction. With this point all the lovers of literature is sure to agree.

From the days of launch of great works in writings in any language, it is undoubtedly the Literature- of any language or genre of Literature is supporting the humans by being with them in all walks of life.

Literature is a pack of good book with good stories. All the stories carries with them characters. They are the ones who give form to the theme or the story which the writer wants to present it before the readers.

The stories that are carried by the great books or classics stay along with men and women for a long time. The characters which we remember or like depends on the one’s own personal interest and it varies with every individual.

The books that stay with the test of the time are considered as a special works and are also referred and introduced to the next generations.

One great story holds in itself many characters and particularly few characters are well identified and related in day to day life.

One Such fine collection of characters is the e book of Deepti menon‘s titled “Literary characters with character (Pun intended).” It is simply a stunning attempt to present a Wide spread of Literature in a single book. It makes quite an interesting read and it touches almost a very long period of time or a wider length of larger period of Literature.

It also is not sticking to one genre of literature. It covers poetry, romance, cartoon, thriller and many specific characters which play a main part in the story. This enables the reader to get a glimpse of the book by reading one particular character. The book too has a space for regional literature and its translations.

It also highlights authors reading habit and fills that she is a voracious reader because of which she is able to bring forth such a collection to the readers.

No doubt the lovers of Literature will surely enjoy this sumptuous treat and it also throw light on the prominent books  and suggest us to get to read them if we have missed any of these.

Choice of character according to the alphabet is befitting and full justice done.

I thank blog chatter for allotting me this book as part of the review work and whole heartedly wish Deepa menon for her tremendous work.

Miss Havisham, Elizabeth bennet and many were my favourite characters and this book enabled me to revisit the characters alone without getting into the whole story.

Her book is quite easy to read with clean font and perfect font size and plain background. The book cover with mixture of colours coincides with the multiple characters inside the book.

 Literature is a fine gift by God to the humans and this book assures that.

Down load the book here : ( )

(This e book review is a part of Blog chatter's E Book Carnival 2022)


  1. Thank you so much, Anuradha, for this wonderful review. You just made my day! Literature is not everyone's cup of tea, and you have done full justice to my efforts. Thank you once again!



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