Wednesday, 1 June 2022


 ''Avoid Frankenwords, obese words, and words pretending to be something They 're not" warns an article   on Grammar and Usage which I  happened to read last night.

It made to think and search a lot about Frankenwords. They are the words stitched awkwardly together to create something of a monstrous, ugly, frightening mess.

We should stay away from words with a Armageddon or Apocalypse as a suffix- as in sale -ageddon or snow -pocalypse.  And words like these :

* Amazeballs

* Listicle, charticle, farticle

* Clickability

 * solopreneur

* Awesomesauce

* Fantabulous

* Ginormous

* Chillaxin

Also avoid words that have additives. Many of them have -ize or -ism or -istic fused to the end of them. Finally , run as far as you can from words pretending to be something they are not, particularly nouns masquerading as verbs or gerunds (workshopping, journaling, leverage, incentivize, bucketize ) and also verbs or gerunds masquerading as nouns.

Among these I use and like the word "Listicle" at many places. Here on wards I need to be careful and remember not to put it in use.

What's the word among these which You use ? Do share it in the comments.  

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