Thursday, 26 May 2022


 Our home is a best place for us where can show our interest and taste by bringing in  a touch of our personality. It is place where we spend a great quality time with our family members. At home we can decorate according to our likes without any permission from others and we enjoy doing it in our own right.  Here are a few simple ideas to bring in a touch of freshness and brightness to your home:

* Add greenery by bringing in plants to any room and it will add a life to the place.

* Provide space for the natural light and the increase the amount of day light streaming into your home by moving the  window curtains when not using the room or at least the first light of the day  by opening the window in the eastern direction. 

*  Good sleep at night helps to start the day afresh. For a better sleep,  a check on the mattress is a must . Rotate and flip your mattress to prevent uneven wear. sagging mattresses can make your space look dull and affect the quality of your sleep. Giving your mattress proper care and turning it over from time to time can help keep it new and comfortable to sleep on.

* Create a personal corner- group pieces of pottery, lamps, paintings that are dear to you and let your personality show.  Place all the prizes and trophies which you have won in a glass cupboard and it will encourage you to move ahead in your field of excellence

* Make it a point to keep an eye on the floor.  Choose the flooring type basing on your  utility and Make it convenient to use  by all the members in the family .  Try a distinctive tile pattern that sets the balcony apart . 

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