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 In the blogchatter’s A2Z campaign, I will be presenting blogposts on ‘EXCEPTIONALLY TALENTED INDIAN ARTIST’ in the alphabetical order.  Today, I– Illaiyaraaja – Music director.  First few lines on the field of art - then about the artist.

“Music is the greatest communication in the world. Even if people don’t understand the language that you’re singing in, they still know good music when they hear it.” – Lou Rawls

 Music direction is a profession which involves composing music for a film. It covers both Back ground music score and creating tunes for the lyrics.  Light music is one of the genre in music, it is especially used in the Film industry. Light music is an potpourri of carnatic, folk, Hindustani and Sufi music.

Illaiyaraaja  is a music composer and a singer too. His works showcase an outcome of brilliance and passion. He has established a brand image and a hallmark of quality music.  His music reached far heights and he earned an ocean of  trust from the music lovers. He composed many famous music score for the Tamil Film Industry.

Illaiyaraaja is the first Indian to compose a full symphony, performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London. He trained his sons  and a daughter in singing and they join him in light music concerts.

A Biography titled "ISAIGNANI ILAYARAJA by Vikatan throws light on his journey into the world of music.

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