Sunday, 3 April 2022


 Plants and trees are highly helpful to humans. They  mainly provide fruits , vegetables and flowers apart from other things which few plants and trees supply. Among the widely useful trees, comes first the coconut tree. 

The tall tree offers number of  products which can be used directly and others as raw material. The uses of having a coconut tree in the house can be best described only by the one who is having it.

*Starting with tender coconuts, coconuts  and copra

*From copra -coconut oil

* With the dried leaves of coconut trees - broom sticks can  be prepared at home.

*the coconut coir is used at homes as scrubber for cleaning the utensils.

*coconut coir also used to make door mats and coir beds

* With coconut shell earrings and bangles are also prepared

*After  grating the coconut completely, the shell is washed and cleaned  then the outer portion is scrapped and rubbed on the floor to get  a smooth finish at the bottom. Then they are used as cups to place ingredients for cooking, rice flour for rangoli, toys  etc.

*Ladles are also prepared fixing the coconut shell  with a wooden stick 

*the remains of tender coconut are dried and used as fuel for firewood stove and boiler

Coconut tree bestows all these for just a bucket of water every day and occasionally some  amount of crystal salt is poured on the roots.  Try  to plant a coconut tree in your apartment complex or in your front and back yards of your individual house. 

 the way the coconut shell finds place in our home  :


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