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                     Bonsai Life and Other Stories: Abburi Chaya Devi: 9788172736439 ...           Abburi Chayadevi: Telugu writer (born: 1933 - died: 2019 ...

·        *Bonsai Life is a short story by Abburi Chaya Devi (1933-2019) a well- known Telugu Writer whose writing encompasses varied genres, has several published works to her credit. She retired as a deputy librarian from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. She has won several awards including the Rachayitri Uttama Rachana Puraskaram from Potti Sriramulu Telugu University.

·       The story of BONSAI LIFE revolves around the life of two sisters, one educated and working, the other uneducated and dependent on her husband.

·       The Author draws a comparison between an uneducated woman, dependent on others and the bonsai plant. Both are deprived of the necessary freedom to flourish.

·       Just as the bonsai trees are pruned in order to be kept in a pot, similar is the plight of these women who are brought up in such a manner that they remain forever dependent on others.

·       Through this story, the Author stresses upon the need to provide education for women and empower them.
"BONSAI BRATUKU" was first published in KALPANA, 1974. This was translated from Telugu Katha : An Anthology of Telugu Short stories.

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